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Monday, April 27, 2009

PSP-2000 white battery covers

Last week I ordered (from eBay) another set of white battery covers for my PSP Slim.... they came in the mail this morning. At over $9.00 CAN, that's more than I would like to pay for something like this, but in anticipation of getting that Stamina battery from Budgetgadgets.com, I will be testing it out in both my PSP-1001 and my PSP-2001. Sure, I do have that nice-fitting black extended battery cover, but I always wanted a DECENT one in white.... especially after that last white extended cover turned out to be a bust.

What's with showing a 1200 mAh battery in both those pics on the back? Shouldn't one of them be 1800 mAh or 2200 mAh? Whatever....

On the replacements, the teeth that hold the covers in place are a little bit smaller than the teeth of the original cover. But they do seem to work ok.

Similar to the previous sets, this one comes in a pair; one is bulgy to accommodate the PSP-1000 battery in the PSP-2000, and the other cover is a regular PSP-2000 cover.

Trying out the regular cover, it seems to fit fine and blends well with the overall white of the PSP. There is a small difference in shade, but honestly, I'd have to be really looking for it to notice. Aside from the cover looking shinier than the rest of my PSP because it's newer, it blends in well with the PSP.

It is kinda odd how there's that space around the battery cover button. I'm not sure it's a big deal though.

The extended cover fits quite well. *Much better* than that other white extended cover I bought.... that piece of garbage, you can't even line up both teeth into place, so one side is always open. But looking at this extended cover, it has a good seal all around.

I did find it tough to get it off... I had to really push the battery button to get it to slide through that latch. Hmmm.

The reason I was holding my PSP upside down is that I haven't put an extended battery in it yet. I'm just trying out the cover for now. So this isn't exactly a complete review, until I can get the stamina battery in there to try out. Still, it does look ok for now. I've noticed that the white cover bulges out more than that black cover.... I can really feel it. Don't know if it's just me or what, it's been a long time since I used that black cover. It's a great cover, if only it came in white it would be perfect.

But this one is alright.


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