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Thursday, April 9, 2009

sold Ultimate Block Party

I sold my first game.... Ultimate Block Party (PSP). I have a huge stack of games, especially PSP games, and I'd like to thin out my games library. I'm definitely a packrat who likes to keep what I buy. But I just didn't enjoy the game all that much, and I couldn't see myself playing it.

Traded it in to Future Shop-- the trade-in value was $13.20. Future Shop gives store credit. I got the value from this handy website: www.tivs.ca it's great because it lists Canadian prices, and the major Canadian stores.

Sad that most of my other games I want to get rid of have little/no trade-in value.....



Herrjeff said...

The link to tivs is very useful. The value offered for some games is very different between FutureShop and EBGames!

Don said...

Yes, it's surprising how much they can vary! Guess it's a good idea to "shop around" when trading in games?

Too bad they don't have values listed for GameCube games, as there's still a strong market for them since the Wii is fully backwards-compatible with them. Hopefully tivs will update that soon...


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