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Saturday, August 16, 2008

DealExtreme PSP battery cover review

:::originally posted on the Playstation Underground PSP forum 11-27-2007:::

So, a review of the dealextreme PSP Slim battery cover.

As found at this link, they sell a battery cover for the PSP-2000 (PSP Slim), that allows it to cover a PSP-1000 (PSP fat) battery.

By the way, I'm using a Invisible Shield brand screen protector on my PSP Slim.

The price was pretty cheap, I paid $3.66 CANADIAN, it's a little bit more than that in U.S. funds^_^

They sent me a cofirmation email the day after I placed my order. it took a week for them to send me an email telling me they shipped it. And 2 weeks after that to actually get it. 3 weeks from order to arrival... kind of slow. (Keep in mind this is to Canada) but the shipping is free.

The packaging is basic, as you can see there's not even anything printed on the back.

Luckily the bubble packaging is not sealed, so it's easy to slide it open. The inside of the covers are a little sticky & have a bit of gunk on them:

I took a kleenex & tried to wipe it off but it left kleenex residue over it. Kinda gross. You can see a bit of the laminating spray on the inside, but it's not like you're gonna see any of this when the cover is on your PSP.

On the outside, the covers look great. They're glossy, meant to blend in & emulate the gloss of the PSP-2000.

obviously, these ones only come in black, wish I could get a white cover, but I'll wait for the official Sony one to come out. I have faith....

Comparing my PSP-2000 cover to the fat one: since my cover is white, it's hard to see in the pic, but the hooks & connections look very much the same between the 2 covers.

My PSP-1001 battery in my PSP-2001:

And with the new cover on:

The new cover fits really nicely. It actually fits more snugly than my official cover!

As can be seen, there's a bulge similar to the old PSP-1001, which makes the PSP Slim feel slightly lopsided... but it's not that bad. Also, the PSP Slim does feel a bit heavier with the old battery in it.

But the tradeoff in extra power could make it very worth it:

This is my old 1800 maH PSP-1001 battery. There should be even longer life is using the 2200 maH Stamina battery. Again, I'm going to wait til Sony makes an official cover available. But for now, this is nice.



Herrjeff said...

I saw some 2200 mAh batteries for less than 10$ at Toys r Us today. However, I wasn't sure if it would fit in my PSP slim. Have you tried?

Don said...

I haven't tried the 2200 mAh battery, but it is the same physical size as the regular 1800 mAh PSP (1001) battery, as it was meant to give 20% more power in the old PSPs. Since the PSP-2000s need less power, 2200 mAh goes even farther. It should fit fine.

A warning though: since posting that review, I found it was REALLY hard to take the 1800 mAh PSP-1001 battery out of my PSP-2001... once it's in, it's in *tight*.

But for $10.00, it's totally worth it to pick up one of those batteries. If I saw it for that price, I'd definitely snag one myself.


HerrJeff said...

I bought it over the weekend and it fits fine in my PSP slim. In fact, I have to buy an extented battery cover to ensure that the Stamina battery will not fall while playing

Don said...

For sure you'll want a battery cover to keep it in place. Last I checked (which was a while ago) DealXtreme had a bunch of covers available. Play-Asia might also have some 3rd party standalone covers too.


HerrJeff said...

So, you tested 2 sets of battery covers from DealExtreme- black and white - but it seems you came to different conclusions for each set. I wonder how the silver set will be. I also found one made by Eforcity via Amazon.

Don said...

Keep in mind that the battery covers I tried out are both third party... but yeah, the white extended cover is complete crap, while the black extended cover I tried fits better than the official cover that comes with the PSP-2001!

It can be difficult to recommend a particular cover, since these third party ones I tried are very generic; no real brand name.

My best advice would be to try to look at as many pictures of the battery cover as you can. But often there's only one picture provided, which can make things difficult.

If it is contoured with the ridge like the back of the PSP-1000 then it will probably be a good fit. The white one I tried was much more blocky-- and it didn't even fit properly.

If the battery cover you're looking at is something like this one, I'd *guess* that it looks to be a good fit. I CAN'T guarantee it of course, but that'd be my guess, since it sorta looks contoured similar to that black one I tried.

Good luck!


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