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Friday, April 10, 2009

AAXA P1 Pico Projector

This is a neat device... a portable projector that has a PSP-2000/3000 cable (sold seperately)

At first I was really interested in it for the PSP connectivity, but the projector on its own sounds pretty cool: it has 1GB of internal storage, a MicroSD card slot, and it plays a variety of video/audio formats.

The cons are the battery life is really short-- 45-60 mins, and it apparently isn't super bright (PSP owners are used to that....) plus it is kinda expensive... right now it's on sale for $240.00 U.S.

AAXA P1 PICO PROJECTOR official product page

SlashGear article about AAXA P1 PICO PROJECTOR

interesting review of AAXA P1 PICO PROJECTOR

I'm thinking that video projection is going to be the next step for portable video players. I've been very interested in seeing where portable video is going since 2006, when small mp3 players like the Sandisk e200 series started featuring video playback. It would be awesome if the next PSP had a projector in it that could blast the game/video/photo images onto a wall....


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