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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sonic Rush sucks

Man... why do I even bother with the Sonic franchise.... oh yeah-- my 8 year old nephew thinks he likes Sonic. What with the incredible kid-friendly appeal, why does developer Sonic Team make the Sonic games so impenetrable?

I can't speak about the new ones, but the older games with the "good" reputation... basically the 2D Sonic games.... are old-school hard.

I bought Sonic Rush during Boxing Week, as part of a 2 for $20.00 deal at Rogers Video Plus. I still paid too much.

The DS & GameBoy Advance games look great. They move pretty well too. But they are so caught up in having to know in infinitesimal detail about the world and gameplay of Sonic... you probably have to be a Sonic fan from waaay back to be able to play a Sonic game. They cling like maniacs to the outdated gameplay mechanics like set number of lives and time limits. But they also want to pretend they belong in the decade of 2000, so they try to offer diverse paths & hidden treasures. The thing is, the gameplay inherently PUNISHES exploration & trying new directions because there are so many things just off-screen that can kill you. Hell, how are you even supposed to know when you can drop down a level and when it will be an instant kill? Or what's movable & what's not? Or what's a pickup & what's not.....

Bottom line is that the Sonic games SUCK, and I have to try to accept that-- maybe find some way to get rid of the crap ones I stupidly paid $$$ for.... it's just such a shame that such a great-looking franchise is actually so awful.


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