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Saturday, August 16, 2008

white PSP slim battery covers review w./pics

:::Note: originally posted on the Playstation Underground PSP forum 05-20-2008:::

I just got a 2 pack of battery covers from deal extreme today... it's this package:


in the 2 pack one is a regular slim cover, the other being for the extended fat PSP battery.

I have to say, the slim cover looks really great! This is at night when I'm looking at it, but I've been looking at it under a bright lamp and it looks exactly the same shade of white as the PSP slim! It looks pretty much exactly like the regular slim battery cover except no Darth Vader. The only difference I can see so far is no Sony logo.

EDIT: Looking at it in the daytime, I can sort of see a VERY SLIGHT difference in whiteness. Maybe it's because I know it's not the original cover... but it's only if I stare at it fro awhile that I can even notice anything. It doesn't look out of place.

However, the extended battery PSP cover..... is a total piece of crap!! It DOESN'T FIT PROPERLY. I can't even get both teeth to go into the groove, so one side is not properly fitted on, and not only is there a gap, but the lock doesn't close properly. It could very easily fall off. DO NOT USE.

slim cover = great

extended cover = complete junk

But for $3.00-$4.00 or so, it's totally worth getting just for the slim cover alone, if you really hate the Darth Vader image. Me, I *love* the Darth Vader back on my PSP Slim, it's one of the reasons I bought it. But I know a lot of people want a white PSP Slim, but want a plain back, so for those people, this cover is the answer to their prayers.

There is a bit of a gap on one side, but it's exactly the same gap I have with the official Vader cover:

The other side looks great, again, looks the same as the official Vader cover:

All these pics are of the non-Vader cover seen in pic 1.


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