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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


GameSpot article: "UMD-less PSP2 due by early November?"

We're starting to hear a timeline for the not-quite-confirmed PSP 2 now... at this point, this is still all just rumour & speculation.

From the article:

The new PSP will apparently, as rumored, be losing its UMD optical drive. Like Apple's wildly popular iPhone, it will reportedly come in two models with 8GB and 16GB of flash memory. It reportedly will not, however, boast the second thumbstick many PSP owners have asked for.

According to 1up's sources, the new PSP will launch in September in Japan with more than 100 "classic and new" digitally distributed titles. Ellis claims that the long-delayed Gran Turismo Mobile "is said to be one of the premier launch titles." Similar launches in Europe and North America will happen in "either late October or early November," according to the report.

Curiously, though, the 1up article went on to say the PSP Go! name was not confirmed, only "likely." It also said the design "could provide an 800x480 pixel touch screen for the system, as well as a camera on the system's backside" like the mylo. (Emphasis added.)

My thoughts on the article:

Third paragraph first: I think those comments in the 3rd paragraph are the most speculative; it reminds me of the touchscreen & camera that was supposed to come with what we now know as the PSP-3000.

Second paragraph: I'm still feeling that the digital PSP library isn't full enough to support a download-only handheld. I can see they're adding to it with all the announcements lately, but still... unless there are a bunch of games to be announced maybe at E3 or something.

And finally, the first paragraph: having built in memory would've been one of the things I'd be most envious of, but 8 & 16Gb don't compare to the 32GB I'm rocking in my PSP right now...I'm so happy to have that much memory. Hell, I'd love 64GB. And no second thumbstick makes me think, "what's the point of having another PSP if you're not going to fix the BIGGEST single problem with the PSP". I've learned to live without a second analogue nub, but seriously.... Sony, just admit it was a FATAL ERROR to not bother to include a second one.... Sony obviously assumed that developers would accept a control change and work extra hard to deliver games that wouldn't need it. And they were so very, very wrong. If anything, we're seeing that devs want all controls to be the same, across all platforms. If the Wii wasn't the insane seller that it is, they'd be happy to ignore it. The only reason they don't is that they can't. Unfortunately, the PSP is not as lucky. Since its sales aren't insanely hot, it CAN be ignored by lazy devs. The only thing that blows a hole in my theory is the DS, which has a different control scheme in the touch & mic... but lots of devs ignore those features I guess, so maybe it fits into my theory alright.... I dunno... to be honest, as much as I like the DS, I really don't know why it sells so well. I personally haven't found that killer-app that makes it such a top seller (though Brain Age 2 is about as close as a DS killer app to me that I have)

Ok, now my thoughts are going off on a tangent. In summery, PSP 2 coming. Maybe.

Dizzy from all the tail chasing......


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