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Thursday, June 25, 2009

sonme more UMD PSP games on PSN

I like the headline for this GameSpot article: PSN update sees rush of PSP games

Their definition of "rush of PSP games" being... ummm... 4. From the article:

The newly added PSP games are Brothers in Arms: D-Day, Chessmaster: The Art of Learning, Driver '76, and TMNT. All four of the games have been previously released on the system's UMD format and carry a $19.99 downloadable price tag (with the exception of Brothers in Arms D-Day, which sells for $14.99). They range in size from 84MB (Chessmaster) to 1.05GB (Brothers in Arms).

What stood out for me is that I've been looking for Driver '76 for awhile. But I want it for $10.00 (or less!) so I've been hunting through the bins at Wal-Mart for... hell-- to be honest, I was even doing that tonight. I'm a big videogame bargain-sniffing nerd. May as well admit it.

Seeing as how it's twice the price I want to pay for that game-- and that's probably in U.S. funds too, so it's more in Canada (can you even buy it in Canada? Who knows)-- I'm certainly not going to buy it off the PSN.

Just that one of the games was randomly one of what I consider a fairly obscure game is pretty much why I even noted that GameSpot article and made this post... and maybe just an excuse to post a pic of Jessica Chobot too.

But like I said, if they are moving obscure stuff like that to the PSN, there may be hope for titles like Star Trek: Tactical Assault or Chili Con Carnage..... we'll see come October 1, 2009.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Activision dropping PSP?

*Gulp*.... just caught this article on Gamespot: Activision threatens to drop PS3, PSP

from the article:

Speaking to The Times of London, Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick threatened to pull support for both the PS3 and the PSP as early as 2010, saying that the return on creating games for the platforms isn't as good as on competing systems.

"I'm getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don't make it easy for me to support the platform," he said. "It's expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation."

"They have to cut the price, because if they don't, the attach rates are likely to slow," he continued. "If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony." When asked about a time frame he said, "When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console--and the PSP."

[UPDATE] Sony didn't stray from the company line in issuing a response to Kotick's statements. "PlayStation has tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and we are seeing positive growth with more than 350 titles slated to hit across all our platforms, including many anticipated games from our publishing partners," the publisher said in a statement. "We enjoy healthy business relationships with and greatly value our publishing partners and are working closely with them to deliver the best entertainment experience."

Ok, if there's one thing I've noticed about the videogame industry... it's that they tend to talk a lot more smak in the European territory. Just look at what the previous Sony Europe (SCEE) presidents have said in articles; they've really laid on the BS thick, and made boisterious comments that make them look like the videogame industry equivelent of North Korea. So maybe some of this Activision tough talk is part of that.

I don't know what to make of this... I could see Sony somehow placating Activision in regards to the PS3, but I don't think it looks good for the PSP. Activision (& other third parties) need an out-of-the-ballpark type of hit game for the PSP to really settle their nerves & get them to firmly commit to the system.

I guess it just helps in a small way to confirm my fears that the PSP is in its decline.... hope I'm wrong, but..... we'll see....


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deadly Creatures

You know what brilliant game design is? It's making people want something they never even thought of before.

I hate spiders. Whenever I come across one of those nasty black ones in my house, I suck it up with the vacuum. I don't mind watching a documentary about spiders, and tarantulas are interesting-looking-- behind a glass terrarium-- but I sure as hell don't want to hold one.

So I never ever thought, "Geez, what the videogame industry really needs is a good arachnid simulator".

When Deadly Creatures was first announced for the Wii, all this came to mind, and I immediately thought I'd skip this one. Not for me. But as I heard & saw more of it, it really intrigued me. The "Arachnid sim" genre may be pretty niche, but there are lots of gamers like me who enjoy good action/brawler titles.

The point of Deadly Creatures IS to be creepy. It's a somewhat more suspenseful brawler that's slower-paced, with flashes of fast action combat. The music & dark look of the game all play into the creepy aspect of being spider-sized and how the insects & lizards are brutal dangerous animals on that scale.

I've only played a bit over an hour into the game, but so far it's impressive. The graphics look great; the spider crawls along just like a spider should. You also play a scorpion and that looks good too. So far I've only been scurrying through little tunnels & crevices in the desert, but it all looks really good.

My big issues are the combat... it is a bit sluggish & tank-like. The spider is more agile than the scorpion, but I find myself often missing when trying to do a jump attack. Controls are a bit clunky. New moves are unlocked as you progress & collect grubs, but I'm finding that there are too many moves to be able to use them in a battle. Maybe as I get more familiar with the controls I'll find them more useful.

And there's really not much of a story to the game. Spiders & scorpions don't have a lot of motivation other than to hunt prey & kill enemies, so that basically seems to be the gist of it. There is a bit of a story about some humans, but so far it hasn't involved the bugs, they are simply observers.

Deadly Creatures is one of the most original game ideas I've ever heard of, and it's handled fairly well. A sequel could really polish the idea up.

Gamespot Deadly Creatures gameplay video:


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scribblenauts E3 demo

Oh man... this is so cool. IGN posted a demo by the dev team of Scribblenauts (DS)....

Scribblenauts has to be my most anticipated upcoming DS game of the year! When I heard about it, it sounded so ambitious-- whatever you type, that object/thing comes alive. How can they make it whatever, like seriously. Anything?

All I can say about this 3 minute demo is... "God vs Cthulu". Where do I give you my $, Scribblenauts dev team??

It seems like such an ambitious project, and one of the most unique concepts I've ever seen in a video game.


Almost all previous UMD games coming digital

I have to admit, this sounds very promising.... Sony has said that "a majority" of the PSP back catalogue of UMD games will be available for download from October 1, 2009. And all first-party Sony games will be offered as digital as well. They can't promise that all third-party games will be, but I think that's because Sony can't force another company to offer digital versions of their games. But I would expect that most if not all third-party PSP game makers would want to offer digital versions of their games.

All this of course ties into the PSPgo's October 1, 2009 release date. Maybe Sony has really planned this out far in advance after all.... ripping all the PSP UMD games (or do they just get copies that hackers put out on the net, haha...) and prepping them for PS Store distribution.

The next big questions are how will we be able to obtain a digital copy of a game we already own on UMD, to put on our PSPgo or even our older PSPs? I don't know how Sony's self-proclaimed "Goodwill program" will work, but let me put it to you this way.... you know the MY GAMES section on your PSN ID? If you don't know it, I'd suggest you find it-- and make sure it's updated. I have no idea if it will come into play at all, but better safe than sorry. I just updated mine, and my total came to 42 PSP games. Wow.

When I think of digital copy of a game I already own, it makes me think of how I look at a PSP copy of a DVD I already own. Let's say I, [THEORETICALLY] own a DVD. And I [THEORETICALLY] use freeware to create a copy, which I could [THEORETICALLY] transcode to make a .MP4 version that's playable on my PSP. I'm not mass producing copies of the movie. I'm not selling it, or giving it away. It's just for me, it's nice to have the original store-bought DVD, and a portable copy that's playable on my portable device. I personally consider that fair use, and I'd be ok if the digital PSP games were treated that way. Just a digital copy that I can use, tied to my account, and compliments my hard copy that I bought from a store.

This October 1 sure brings a lot of questions. It can't come soon enough.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digital Distribution Only

*Sigh*.... I've been feeling it in the wind for a long time. And gaming "news" sites are gleefully rubbing their hands together, DROOLING in anticipation of the day that *all* PSP games are "Digital Distribution Only".

Why? Why are they tripping over their tongues at the the thought of banishing the "evil" UMD format? I'm ok with the idea of both UMD and digital distribution for PSP games.

But if/when Sony goes download-only for all its content... I'm pretty sure that's when I say good-bye to any new PSP games or content.

I don't trust that Sony's software, whether it's Media Go or a future replacement (probably will come out in a couple months, knowing Sony) is competent enough to not COMPLETELY FUCK UP my purchased games, rendering them unplayable on my PSPs. Like it hasn't happened before. Eventually, it WILL happen again.

When I hear about CapCom releasing 20-40 titles for the PSN, and read about the upcoming new Resident Evil game for PSP, how it probably will be download-only.... it's obvious that Sony is working to phase out UMD support entirely.

Of course the PSP Go is the biggest proof of this direction. We all think of the PSP Go as a "hardware refresh", because it doesn't add much, just Bluetooth & 16GB built-in memory... but overall it has the same buttons as previous PSPs. Consider this: when a system, be it home console or handheld-- changes game media-- that's an ENTIRELY new system, isn't it? When Nintendo went from catridges to discs, it's an obvious system change. Sony's a bit harder to quantify, since they've always been disc-based media: PS1 games are playable on PS2, right? Both Nintendo & Sony has a history of backwards compatibility. But Sony broke that history when PS3s stopped supporting it.

I believe all the digital content playable on a PSP Go is also playable on a PSP. Still, they take entirely different game formats natively: I bought my PSPs understanding that they play UMD games, and they were just starting to offer digital content when I bought my first PSP. Now, if you buy a PSP Go you have to accept they take an entirely different source of media-- digital content only. THAT'S A NEW SYSTEM. In that case, Sony should've just made a PSP 2, changed the controls, offered up a major hardware revision--whatever. If you change the game format it takes, YOU'VE MADE A NEW GENERATION OF HARDWARE. *Not* a minor refresh.

If digital-only is the future for Sony PSP games.. or even DS(i) games..... I can't see myself following, unless they make MAJOR efforts to streamline & perfect their stores. Out of all of them... I'm loathe to say I might trust Apple the most--or rather, I distrust them the least. So my future handheld may be an iPod Touch.


Monday, June 8, 2009

white PSP Go

So Sony's got a web page up about the PSP Go...

There are some basic specs (not enough detail to satisfy me), but the funniest thing is in the accessories section: they have Low-end case/pouch, Mid-range case/pouch, and High-end case/pouch. "Yeah.... screw the high-end, I want a nice CRAPPY Low-end case/pouch!" WTF?? I guess I can sorta see what they're getting at, but really? But having more accessories is always better than having less, so I'm not really complaining...

Another detail is the PSP Go will launch in North America in both black and white models.

The white has a nice texture... I think it's called mother of pearl, like on Fender Strat guitars (which I also love).... obviously, I'm a big fan of white PSPs, and I like that sparkly texture on it even more. If this came out in previous PSP models, I'd have been on it like...err, white on rice (sorry.)

As both a black (PSP-1001) and a white (2x PSP-2001) PSP owner, I really love the white colour because I rarely have to clean it-- smudges & fingerprints don't show up on anything other than the screen. With my old black PSP-1001, I was cleaning that thing at least every week.

I do like the white on the PSP Go, but if I get a PSP Go, I think this time around I'd rather get the black. I dunno... for some reason I find myself preferring the black on the PSP Go.

I was looking for engadget's video of the white PSP Go, which is a nice video. But I found a better one that's in Spanish, but it shows actual gameplay so you get a better idea of how it might feel using the analogue nub, etc.

Looks like he's playing LittleBigPlanet?, Gran Turismo, and Jak & Daxter!

I've saved both of these vids using Keepvid, transcoded them using PSP Video 9 and they're on my PSP.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

PocketGamer Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron E3 impressions

Well... I hope I'm not making seperate posts every time a site posts a hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron... UK site PocketGamer gave their impressions, not only was it more favourable than IGN's, but more importantly, they went into a bit more detail about the game.

Despite mistakenly believing that Renegade Squadron "introduced" Galactic Conquest mode (that's been around since the first Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox) game, just that it changes format in every iteration) they had some interesting things to note. I'm liking the sound of this ground/space combat, because apparently ground actions influence the space battles; like using an Ion Cannon to knock down enemy space cruisers' shields so you can fly up there & board them. I like how it's feeling very much like one battlefront.

One criticism than they share with IGN is the controls, both saying that the controls seem a bit loose. It sounds like they are using the "default" controls... I prefer the "alternate" control scheme where the face buttons are used for aiming. I hope that continues in this game.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anticipated games out of E3 2009

Now that all the E3 announcements have been played out, there are some games that I'm really anticipating... hopefully for this year. Not all of them were showcased at E3 this year, but they are ones I'm really looking forward to & hopefully coming out soon.


-Super Mario Galaxy 2... but that's not coming until 2010, so New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

-Wii Sports Resort


-Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron



-Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Hmm, now that I put my major wants to paper keystroke, it doesn't seem like that large a list.... but these are games that are basically 100% must-buys for me, so I'm risking a lot by "calling them out" so soon. There are a lot of games I'm very intrigued by, but I'm not at the point where they are automatic purchases.


Friday, June 5, 2009

PSP Go & our old UMD games

So the BIG question is.. what about our old UMD games?

I figure Sony's answer is, "That's what the PSP-3000 is for".

But this Gizmodo article hints that Sony might somehow offer some way to "trade up" our UMD games for digital copies:

So what will happen to all of your old UMD games if you buy a PSP Go? You'll be able to procure digital copies of those discs, maybe even for free.

I asked Sony's John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketing for Sony, what the company planned to do for their most loyal fanbase—those who'd amassed a large collection of UMDs but who'd also like to play these games on the Go. His response:

We're in the midst of putting together a good will program. We'll be unveiling that soon [because] we actually think there's a significant group that will be upgrading from the 1000...In the past, we've seen a 20-25% trade-up factor, and I assume that's going to be the case here. We've modeled that. So we're looking at a good-will program—a short term good-will program that would continue for years afterward."

Short-term for years afterward? In other words, the program itself will last for years, but these digital game copies will be tied to either when you bought the UMD or the PSP Go—such specifics were not made clear.

Speaking more regarding the technical aspects of the good will program, Koller explained while the distribution model was still in the planning stages, the user's experience would be similar to Portable Copy—a way in which Blu-ray movies can be ripped and converted from the PS3 to the PSP. However, Koller assured me that users would not be ripping their UMDs. Instead, it sounds like Sony will use a PSN-based digital distribution model will "encourage" users to sign up for the service.

But the neatest thing about Koller's Portable Copy comparison? Portable Copy is free. So we're doubting that Sony will charge for the service—though we have no confirmation. Unfortunately, Koller also slipped in that Sony's "looking at what kind of games will be offered." In other words, Sony's good-will program will probably not apply to every title in the PSP's library, but given that there are only a few that matter anyway, maybe this limitation isn't such a big deal.

First off, *UP YOURS* Gizmodo about "there are only a few [PSP games] that matter".

I'm not really sure how this will work. At best case scenario, it would be really cool if we had a UMD game in our PSP-1000/2000/3000 with the USB hooked up (or Wi-Fi) & connected to the PS Store. The PS Store detects & verifies your game, letting you download a digital copy of it registered to your PS account. Keep it on your hard drive & put it on your PSP Go or whatever PSP you own (up to 5 PSPs was the limit last I checked)

But that scenario seems overly optimistic. And even as a best case, as Gizmodo mentioned, there would be tons of games that just aren't going to be converted to digital. Despite Gizmodo's asshole-ish smarmy remarks that they "don't matter", I most fervently beg to differ. I'm sure there will be a bunch of great PSP games that won't make it to digital, so they'll never be playable on the PSP Go.

And all that's going on a best case scenario. Worse cases would be having to mail in our old UMD games to get email vouchers for the digital versions. Who knows if that'd even be offered in Canada, but I can tell you right now I'M NOT DOING THAT. Though if that happened, what would Sony do with a bunch of used UMD games? Can you say, "Fire Sale for PSP-1000/2000/3000 owners????" You'd think they'd want to recoup some of their losses for the things.

Right now, the games issue is my biggest problem with the PSP Go. The more I look at it, the more I like it, but I keep thinking, "You know what would make this really cool? UMD slot." I know, I know-- but I can't help it. The small packaging of the system just would be so nice if they could've fit a UMD drive in there too.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Invizimals PSP

IGN had a look at an interesting PSP game that uses the PSP camera. Called Invizimals.

From the article:

You hold the PSP with the camera attached, look at the screen to see the live feed of wherever you are, and watch as the Invizimals exist in your world. You can hold them in the palm of your hand, battle with them on your couch, or project them into your shower. These beings are 3D and doing their own thing, so when you rotate the PSP, you're moving the camera around them in real time.

In this game, you plug in the camera and search your home, office, or brothel for these invisible creatures. When in scan mode, the PSP beeps and chirps like sonar or a PKE Meter to lead you to the location of an Invizimal.

When you find the hotspot, you put down your trap (currently an eight-pointed star with a black square in the center) and use the X button to click some aimers into place. When that's done, the Invizimal appears in the trap and your PSP tells you how to catch it; my demo had the player slam his hand down onto the trap to stick the creature to the square, but there will be other creatures that require you to blow into the mic, shake the PSP, or just yell in general.

The basic idea of the game really reminds me of Elebits (Wii), in the vague notion of looking everywhere for little creatures & "getting" them. But the execution is done in a completely different way. Though it skews toward the younger gamer, this sounds original & interesting.

IGN speculates that the game will come bundled with the camera, and it might actually herald the camera FINALLY arriving in the U.S. (hopefully North America)... but it hasn't been scheduled for release here yet. I have to admit, if there's an app that'd warm me up to getting a PSP camera, this might be it. My 8 year old nephew might really like the game.

With the camera's incompatibility with PSP Go (since the USB port was changed) this also reminds me of the Guitar Hero DS games. Since Nintendo removed the GBA slot on the DSi, it rendered those games unplayable on the DSi. And Activision released a new Guitar Hero DS game shortly AFTER the release of the DSi.... so could this be PSP's turn to screw over a 3rd party game maker

IGN Invizimals trailer:


Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron IGN impressions

So IGN posted some impressions on Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron (PSP) and they called it a "mixed bag".

There's a nice feature where you can do a land battle, then fly up into space(cool!) but they complained that when switching from land to air, there's a cutscene. I dunno, that seems alright by me. I'd have to see how long the cutscene is, and is it a loading screen or what... but I'd expect that on the PSP.

Like the Star Wars movies, the Star Wars Battlefront games are somewhat critic-proof. At least in my mind. I'm a huge Star Wars fanboy, and Battlefront is my favourite series of video games. But I am listening to any criticisms, because at the end of the day, I want a good game.

This reminds me of when critics got a look at an early build of Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. The early videos were really choppy, and looks "early". Normally I'm a huge fan of getting to see a game's development, because it keeps the hype machine going & builds excitement. But since then, I've had second thoughts... as those early videos really weren't indicative of the final game. The final game was MUCH SMOOTHER than those early vids, and the critical drubbing the game got based on them kinda hurt, I think.

I don't expect Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron to reinvent the formula, and to the average gamer these games are probably in the 70% range.

Still, there certainly are sequels or spiritual ones, like Secret Agent Clank, which felt a bit rushed out the door after Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. So it's entirely possible that Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron might not be as polished as Renegade Squadron. But it's still very early to tell.


PSP Go acessories

Yup, I've been wondering since about, oh-- 5 SECONDS after the reveal of the PSP Go: What kind of accessories will be available for it?

Joystiq posted this nice pic which answers some of my questions, like the video out cables-- both component & AV (composite) cables for luddites like myself who don't have an HD TV. As I suspected, the proprietary USB port is used for those rather than the headphone port.

Sony is also releasing screen protectors? I guess that's nice-- if they're any good? At least they're giving an official option, when screen protectors are a KEY accessory. I'd advise any new PSP owner to make a good screen protector their FIRST accessory purchase (if they already own a memory stick, of course) Not only does Sony offer a normal screen protector, but a "Privacy" one too! Hehe. Hori is the only company I know of that makes privacy screen protectors. Maybe they're getting Hori to do their screen protectors, that'd be nice because Hori has a good reputation for those.

Also of note is the proprietary USB cable, but check out the AC adapter cable & rectangular dongle. I'm guessing that the USB cable needs to be plugged into that dongle to be able to charge through a power outlet. Which is annoying, because that means you gotta move the cable back & forth between using it for the AC adapter & your computer. I'm sure you could charge through your PC, but it will be slower. or you could buy another proprietary USB cable. Nasty "Smart", Sony. Learned another bad lesson from Apple.

The pouches look like the same pouch from the PSP-1000. If they are, you'd think they'd be a bit big for the PSP Go? I'm sure they'd work fine, but, just a bit big. Maybe these ones are resized for PSP go.

Oh... I just noticed a cradle there! Hmmm, that's kinda cool.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PSP Go flipping open vid

From Kotaku, a brief hands-on vid of flipping open the PSP Go. Opening it turns it on!

The clock is neat, but I hope the feature can be turned off.

I'd be lying if I denied that I'm watching the video over & over & over.....


PSP Go size

There's an interesting article at Gizmodo Au talking about the PSP Go size. One thing we're not really realizing is how small this thing is. It's hard to say for sure, until we get our hands on it. They've also posted a nice gallery of shots, including the missing topside of the PSP go, the side that gets "slid over":

Finally get to see where those volume controls-- looks like it's changed to a volume rocker-- as well as the sound & display buttons went.

GameSpot posted some ok photos
(Hint: learn to focus, GameSpot) and one of them finally has a comparison shot of the PSP Go & PSP-3000:

Not a great shot, I'd like to see them both laid flat side by side, and top to bottom. The PSP Go is small, but not quite as small as I thought, I thought it might only be as wide as the PSP-3000 screen. Of course the screen also looks pudgy; doesn't look like it's the same dimensions as the PSP-1000/2000/3000. So does that mean everything will look vertically stretched? Hmmm.

It's really hard to get a read on how thin it is, but each "piece" looks almost DS Lite thin, which may be why they changed the USB port to proprietary (if they indeed did do that)

Man, it does look cute compared to a DSi:

I'm wondering if the face buttons are DS Lite/DSi-sized. I've noticed the DS buttons are a bit on the small side, and the PSP Go face buttons look about the same size.....

Honestly, if this was May 2006, I'd be pretty interested in the PSP Go. Back then I was *desperately* looking to get my first mp3 player, one that played video, and the Sandisk E200 series was my main choice until I researched the PSP. Believe it or not, I did originally buy my PSP-1001 primarily as an mp3 player. One of the detriments was the PSP size. So the PSP Go size would have been very appealing. Though another main thing I was trying to get away from was iTunes dependence. I didn't want to buy content that had no physical copy. So I may've passed up the PSP Go as being another "iTunes enslavement wannabe" which is about WORSE than being enslaved by iTunes... which is not a good thing either.

PSP Go control placement is a big issue. The analogue nub being in the middle with the D-pad on the left side. It seems odd... but I'm guessing that once I get my hands on it (if I can) everything will seem close together because the overall unit is small. Another thing I was thinking is that, Sony is not only wanting download-only games, but they want SMALL download-only games, that cost a lot less for them to make & maybe they'll price them accordingly.

Basically, they want to muscle in on iPod Touch's App selection. Small simple games, that aren't too expensive, can be developed quickly, and there's a huge selection. So how does this relate to the PSP Go controls? No, I haven't forgotten the point I was making... just setting it up for... now:

It's as if Sony is saying the D-pad is the preferred control method for PSP Go games. They probably want small 2D sidescroller games-- like many iPod Touch games. Sony stuffed shirt John Koller has mentioned on many occasions what he calls, "bite size gaming", regarding PSP download games. Draw your own conclusions.

So it's almost as if Sony is saying the analogue nub is included reluctantly: "Sigh-- we know you'll all just bitch, so here it is."

Despite all this, I have to admit I'm warming up to the idea of picking up a PSP Go. I know-- I *HATE* the download-only trend. But a smaller PSP with the same media functions as the current models does sound somewhat appealing. It's almost like 2006 again, where I didn't even think about games for my PSP until a few weeks after I bought it...... of course, it's now 2009 & I have 40+ UMD games (and about 4 UMD movies).... the largest game collection of any system I own.

But it brings up another conflict, one that reared its head last year for me: should I just get an iPod Touch instead?

If I'm going to surrender to download-only content, shouldn't it be with an company that at least knows how to do it? What Playstation has going for it is its franchises: Loco Roco, God of War, etc. But all I want are good games. They don't have to be brand names, as long as they're good. And I'd gladly pay $5.00 for a good iPod Touch game rather than $20-30.00 for a Playstation one. At least if the $5.00 game screws up I'm only out $5.00.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PSP Go USB port?

Ok.... I think I've gleaned a LITTLE bit more about the PSP Go... like where the USB port is.

Check out this hands-on posted at Endgadget.

I assumed that this was the memory stick micro slot, that it was spring-loaded with no door.

But clearly, there is a memory stick micro, M2-- door along the side of the unit similar to previous PSP models.

So that slot along the bottom of the PSP Go *LOOKS* like it may be a proprietary USB/charging port. Anyone used to iPods or other mp3 players knows the "joy" dread of their USB connectivity: they have their own little USB ports that are *ONLY* compatible with their own little USB cables. One of the things I like about the PSP is that it uses a standard mini-USB cable port. That might change with the PSP Go......

On the possible upside, iPods use their proprietary ports for things like video out, so maybe the PSP Go will use its port in a similar way. If that even is a USB port..... And is that the only way to charge the battery, like with iPods & other mp3 players? I can't see an AC adapter port.

Still so many questions about this system.....

UPDATE: It looks like that slot is a proprietary USB port:

More pics of the PSP Go can be found at the Amazon listing.


E3 PSP Sony highlights

Just some notes I jotted down while watching GameSpot's E3 Sony press feed:

-Media Go new PC program replaces Media Manager

-PSP devkits 80% less

-SenseMe playlist coming to PSP & Go

-All PSP titles digital & UMD

-Playstation video store available on PSP... but no word on Canada. Probably not.

-UMD still supported

-PSP Go $250.00 US! Yikes!!

-Gran Turisimo PSP finally coming... Oct 1, 2009. Same release date for PSP Go?

First off, that PSP Go price.... Sheesh. I really didn't expect it to be THAT expensive. I thought at the most it'd be $200.00, maybe $225.00. Sure you get 16GB built in, and Bluetooth. But there doesn't seem to be a USB port, if you don't use Wi-fi to transfer content, do you have to transfer via a memory stick micro? Pulling that out of the PSP Go, putting it into a card reader & back again seems like a hassle.

Media Go will replace the current Media Manager software for PC-to-PS Store connectivity. I hope it will add features, and just be a smooth interface. Sony has a bad rep with software.....

SenseMe playlist support... I find this the most exciting PSP news, oddly enough. I suspect this is a carry-over from Sony's mp3 players, I'm pretty sure I've heard of it before. But just news of a dynamic playlist for PSP is a sorta big thing. I'm not entirely sure how it'll work.... I'm hoping it isn't that Media Go will just decide what songs to put onto your PSP, that this thing will allow playlist creation USING the PSP itself.

UPDATE: Ok, apparently, here's where you can download Media Go 1.1. And from the description, it sounds like you have to tag your music files with SensMe™ data, then I suppose once the PSP firmware has the SensMe™ feature added to it that's how it will generate a playlist.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming

Oh yeah!!! Now this makes me excited-- Super Mario Galaxy was one of my favourite games I've played... well, I got it in January 2009... but honestly, ever.

It's easily one of the best, if not the best game for the Wii. Nintendo has announced a sequel at E3.... no big details yet. Yoshi is in the game, he's ridable... sounds like you can freeze lakes to walk across....

Just need a release date. I'm hoping it'll be out by the end of the year, similar to SMG 1.

UPDATE: Sounds like it's not coming until 2010. :::bummed out big time:::


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