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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reviews on the Run

Man... I'm not sure what's happening with one of my favourite video game shows, EP Daily (Electric Playground)... the local CityTV station seems to have taken it off the air last week..... I only noticed when I went to transfer last weeks worth of eps to my PSP, and to my shock I found I had about 1.2 GB of Judge Joe Brown instead... *shudder*

But now I've noticed that they've posted new eps of the other video game show, Reviews on the Run. They've even got a website, www.reviewsontherun.com (handy tip: they usually have handheld game reviews at the end of the first segment, and beginning of the second segment)

So I'll be catching up on some eps of that show at least (which I actually prefer to Electric Playground)... still, I wonder when/if these will air on a local TV station sometime....


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