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Monday, May 4, 2009

BudgetGadgets stuff

Well... today I received those 2 items from BudgetGadgets.com! I was kinda debating whether to post about it, because on one hand I'm kinda excited & psyched to get some PSP stuff (free, no less!) but on the other hand, it's way too early to post reviews on the items. So I don't have too much to really say about them yet. Nor have I transferred my preliminary pics from my camera to my PC....

I will say that the shipment took 2 weeks from them notifying me it had shipped to it landing on my doorstep. 2 weeks to Canada is pretty average I find, especially with free shipping items like from Deal Extreme, which seems like a similar company. So it's neither great nor bad.

Also, the items had no packaging. They were wrapped up as is. Which is kind of weird. I'm not sure if it was to save on shipping, so they could be shipped in a pretty small box, or if they're knockoffs. I was looking over the battery, which I will be scrutinizing very carefully. The back of it looks very official, though the text is in Japanese. The front also looks very official. I'll be sure to post comparison pics of my actual PSP-1001 1800 mAh battery beside this 2200 mAh one.

BudgetGadgets also supplied me with a coupon code that gives 5% discount on all items on their site. Use coupon code: DM5OFF14 if you plan to make any purchase from them.



HerrJeff said...

So, besides the stamina battery, what did you order?

Don said...

Read on!


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