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Thursday, October 1, 2009

haven't bought PSPgo...yet

Ok, from where I'm sitting, it's almost 5:30PM, and I've managed to go almost the entire day without buying a PSPgo. If I can only hold out a little longer.... it'll be easier after the first day.

There's no real rational reason I should buy it... but that doesn't stop me from WANTING it. Let's face it: I love PSP. I've always wanted a PSP that was smaller, because I originally bought my PSP primarily as an mp3 player.

I've been thinking a lot about the PSPgo: who is it meant for? It's not meant for previous PSP owners, as it has a smaller library of games. You'd think it'd be meant for new owners who've never owned a PSP.... but if someone was choosing between a PSPgo, and an iPod Touch, why would they get the PSPgo? iPod Touch has a much larger library of games & the prices are *waaaay* lower. iTunes is probably a better media manager than Media Go. Both devices feature Bluetooth (though you have to pay $10.00 for an iPod Touch firmware upgrade to enable it) and of course, the iPod Touch handles music playback/playlists much better.

Back in 2006 I chose the PSP over the iPod Nano (no Touch back then) because the PSP has drag & drop. You didn't have to use a proprietary software media manager to put files on it. I really appreciate that freedom.

But now in 2009, the PSPgo almost requires Media Go software. Sony is obviously trying to copy the iPod/iTunes integration.

Still, aside from buying games from the PS Store, I don't think even the PSPgo is entirely dependent on using Media Go to put media on it.

So I think I know who the PSPgo is for. It's for people who want a PSP, but are not all that into playing games. Maybe like me, they use their PSP for watching video & listening to music a lot, but only play games on it occasionally. It looks like Sony wants PSPgo owners to only have a small library of games, maybe 4 per system or something. They sure as hell don't want people buying too many!

So maybe the PSPgo is for me. I do want a smaller PSP. I like to play PSP games-- hell, I have 42 of them (on UMD) last I checked-- while sometimes I do marathon game-playing sessions that completely drain the battery, other times I go weeks between playing games on it.

Sony's marketing of the PSPgo is pretty perverse, because I can't imagine there are that many nutty people like me out there to count on selling the PSPgo to.


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