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Thursday, October 29, 2009

DSi XL coming to North America & Europe

What was first rumoured for Japan seems to be confirmed for everywhere else now. The DSi with the larger screens is coming, called DSi XL in North America & Europe (called DSi LL in Japan)

But check out the size comparison between the 2 DSis..... holy smokees.

That's freakin'...... huge. And check out that Stylus! "Is that a DSi stylus in your pocket or are you just happy to yadda yadda".

My initial response is that this whole thing is hilarious. Nintendo is making this console for OLD PEOPLE who can't see as good as they used to, who would appreciate a more grippable stylus....

Man. I can't stop chuckling when I look at the size of that thing. Sony is so obsessed with smallifying the PSP they're willing to break compatibility with its own library, and Nintendo thinks people want a handheld that can double as a life raft. It's all so nutty.

Though I'm not at this point saying the DSi XL (sheesh, even that name! *chuckle*) is bad. Bigger screen is actually cool, and the stylus like that is actually nice too.

I'm just shocked that this isn't around April 1st, because if it was, I'd never believe it. Especially the name.


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