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Sunday, October 11, 2009

PSPgo - AD HOC with PSPs

Tonight I managed to find answers to some of the questions I pestered that Sony rep about at Future Shop about the PSPgo... specifically the AD HOC mode: can a PSPgo AD HOC with previous PSP models, can a digital & a UMD copy of the same game get along?

The answer is yes.

I loaded up Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron on both my PSP-2001 & PSPgo (PSP-N1001) and they communicated pretty much like any other 2 PSPs.

I also wondered about Game Sharing-- can a PSPgo recieve game sharing data from a PSP with a UMD game? Yup, did it with Wipeout: Pulse... though it was annoying trying to figure it out... the game sharing mode on Wipeout: Pulse is not in the AD HOC menu like it should be. It's in the EXTRAS menu. Oh well, it worked great, in fact after the game was transferred the PSPgo, it loaded the data way faster than my PSP-2001 loading it from UMD, so the PSPgo had to wait for the PSP-2001 to finally join in.

One feature of the PSPgo I haven't talked about is the PAUSE/RESUME game setting. So in the grey Do You Want to Quit the Game? screen, there's Quit and Pause. A lot of reviews have talked about it; it just saves the game in mid-play wherever you leave it (whether in mid-game or at a pause menu) and on the XMB there's a RESUME GAME icon in the GAME section when you've paused a game. It's a handy feature to have. So Wipeout: Pulses' game sharing is like a demo but not stored permanently; you turn off your PSP & the game sharing data is erased. But with the PSPgo's pause game feature, you can keep the game there, play music, video, whatever on the XMB & come back to it. Kinda neat.

UPDATE: The RESUME GAME save stays on the XMB even if you turn the PSPgo hard off, not just sleep mode! That's cool. But it does warn that if you "change the PSP settings" it may do something to the save. So I guess you don't want to have a PAUSED GAME then mess around changing your XMB theme or wallpaper or something....


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