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Thursday, October 1, 2009

sometimes Sony does something right (wrong)

hehe.... I didn't take advantage of this, but there was an unexpected "bonus" when SCEA unleashed the spate of new PSP games, demos & videos on the PS Store today (Oct. 1, 2009).

Among the new releases was supposed to be a free demo for the game Undead Knights... only where you go to download the demo, they had the FULL game!

I noticed it when I looked at the preview info of the file. I downloaded the Japanese demo a few days ago... couldn't play it because it requires 5.51 firmware, and my PSP is on 5.03. But I know that the demo is about 100 MB. But when I saw the demo at the PS Store, it was about 500 MB. I thought, "Wha?? Why is a demo so big??"

Then I read on the PS forums how it was the full game. Gotta love Sony's unintended"goodwill program"... a free game on the PSPgo's release date! "Good for you", Sony! hehe. Was that Karma?

I guess we know why they normally only dribble releases out on the PS Store, because any more than 4 new games & they get too confused.

I'm sure Sony will make sure such "promotions" don't happen again.


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