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Monday, October 26, 2009

DSi getting bigger screens next year?

DS cutieHmmm. So there's this rumour that the DSi will be getting a bit bigger screen-- from 3.25" to 4". A minor upgrade, but with no additional cost. I wonder if the overall size of the DSi will be increased, too? Because it seems like it's a bit longer than the DS Lite already, though it also looks thinner.

I guess that Nintendo has established their history of messing with their handhelds with all the Game Boy variants they've released over the years. But it is annoying that all these companies have followed the terrible example that Apple has set with doing minor iterations of a product instead of a true upgrade. It seems to be the norm that all these companies are going to be releasing a "new" version of their hardware every year. I have no doubts that Sony will release a new PSP-variant next year. It will probably not be "PSP2", but just another minor "upgrade"... probably another PSPgo with a slightly bigger screen OR more onboard memory (32GB, perhaps?). It won't be both, because then what can they save for 2011?

And it's also kind of funny that Nintendo DS has increased the size of their screen with their minor upgrades, keeping the same resolution... while Sony PSP has *decreased* the size of their screen... keeping the same resolution......


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