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Saturday, October 31, 2009

DSi XL size comparison

Oh man... the DSi XL just continues to crack me up.

Kotaku has posted some pics showing how big it is compared to the previous DS Lite & DSi. What, no original DS comparison?? Come on!

But wow. That's kinda... big.

And then check out the pic of it beside a Wii game case:

Holy. It's seriously the size of a Wii game case when opened????

And some video from the Kotaku story of the DSi "in person":

When the DSi was announced, I was tempted by the slightly larger screen compared to the DS Lite. But the DSi XL *definitely* has a larger screen, no bones about it. Same resolution, so I'm not sure how graphics will look just resized up to that. And I'm not sure I really want a DS that's the size of a PSP-1/2/3K. That's something nobody asked for. I'd really like to hold a DSi XL (better start working out now so I'm strong enough when it comes out, hehe) just to see what the feel is like.

But I'm really loving my DS Lite right now. It's a decent size, and just a fun little system. The red & black colour scheme is really nice too.


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