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Thursday, October 22, 2009

PSPgo pause game feature

An odd thing about the new PSPgo "Pause game" feature..... yes, you can choose to pause any game & it saves it in the XMB until you resume, delete or start another game-- even if you turn off the PSPgo (not just sleep mode). But I've noticed after pausing & resuming a game, then finally quitting it to go out to the XMB, that the music or video (probably pictures too) don't resume where you last left off.

I think they resume where you last left off before you first paused the game.

To clarify: this morning, I turn on my PSPgo, I watch a bit of video of the Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron GameSpot Webdoc. After that I listen to Radiohead's In Rainbows album. I'm on the final track, "Videotape" when I decide to stop that & go play Super Stardust Portable. I'm playing that for awhile, and I'm in the middle of a level, normally the game only saves between levels (or upon game over) but I want a break so I choose "Pause game". It saves to the XMB.

I finish listening to Radiohead's "Videotape" and onto the next folder. Listen through a bunch more songs into that folder.

I then watch some video I taped last night, The Tudors. Then I decide to resume my Super Stardust Portable session. Play a bunch of that, then finally quit the game.

When I go back to MUSIC it should be the last song I listened to. But it's not, it's the last song I listened to BEFORE I saved that game session-- "Videotape" by Radiohead.

I go back into VIDEO. It should be the last video I played: The Tudors. But again, it's the last video I played BEFORE I saved that game session-- The SWBF webdoc.

Kind of odd. I'm not sure what to make of this, is it just me, or does the PSPgo pause game feature need some work? It's almost like it rolls back the entire system to before you paused the game-- sorta like Windows XP's System Restore feature.

Even though I updated from the included 5.70 to 6.10, there are still a few little things in the PSPgo firmware that are not quite polished as they should be. Like lack of "Battery Information" in the SETTINGS menu.


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