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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Toshiba NB 200 netbook

Yesterday I got a Toshiba NB-200-005 netbook.... posting this entry from it.

The keyboard is a "chiclet" style, similar to Mac or Sony ones. It takes some getting used to, but I'm surprised how comfortable it feels. I was really torn between the Toshiba NB 200 & a Asus 1005HA netbook.... The Asus has a *really* good feeling keyboard, closer to a regular keyboard than any netbook I've tried. But I was really concerned about all the power adapter issues I read about with those models. I'm taking a trip to China.... and these power adapters are so proprietary... if it conked out on me, I'd spend a couple months lugging around dead weight. So I went with the NB-200. If I was at home, I might've risked it. Still, this one is pretty nice.

It has a "USB sleep & charge" feature that allows it to charge a device hooked up to USB even if the netbook is asleep or turned off. That will come in very handy for my PSPgo. I'm thinking that the only gadgets I'll be taking with me on my trip to China (beside my camera & shaver of course) is the NB-200, PSPgo, & maybe my Sandisk E280 mp3 player. NB-200's 6 cell battery promises "9 hours of life", while I doubt it's quite that good, it does seem close; I haven't charged it since yesterday, and have been using it for hours each day....

It's running Windows 7 Starter Edition, I was very wary about not having XP; in fact I considered it a plus that the Asus 1005HA had that. But windows 7 seems alright for now.... haven't had any major problems with it, still trying to find my way around....

I've never really used a laptop or netbook much before so this is kinda cool.


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