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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Using the PSP's PLAYLIST feature without Media Go

How to use the PLAYLIST feature in PSP update 6.10 without Media Go.

I used the m3u Wiki page to read up on how m3u playlists work. Then I looked at my playlists that were created through Media Go on my PSPgo.

Sample of one of my Media Go created playlists:

#EXTINF:209,Alive Again

\MUSIC\music 01\Champion - Alive Again.mp3

#EXTINF:190,Getting Away With Murder

\MUSIC\Papa Roach\Unknown Album\Papa Roach - Getting Away with Murder.mp3

#EXTINF:162,This Old Town

\MUSIC\Skydiggers, The\Restless\This Old Town.mp3

#EXTINF:239,Layla (last four minutes)

\MUSIC\Eric Clapton\Cream of Clapton\Eric Clapton - Layla (last four minutes).mp3

#EXTINF:214,The Ship

\MUSIC\Song to Fly\Song to Fly\09 The Ship.mp3

#EXTINF:156,Lounge Act

\MUSIC\Nirvana\Nevermind\Nirvana-Nevermind-09-Lounge Act.mp3

#EXTINF:195,Emerald Street

\MUSIC\Alexisonfire\Old Crows_Young Cardinals\Alexisonfire-Old Crows-Young Cardinals-08-Emerald Street.mp3

#EXTINF:235,Glass Ceiling

\MUSIC\Metric\Live It Out\Metric - Live It Out - 02 - Glass Ceiling.mp3

So I created a test playlist, using tracks that were in different folders. Be sure to get the correct path file location, basically it will be \MUSIC\ then whatever folders your music is in. If you have ALBUM folders inside of ARTIST folder (as the example above does) make sure that's in the text file.

I tried making the m3u8 file without using the #EXINF, the playlist would show up but no files were in it. The number after #EXTINF: is the song length. I only put in song titles, but it worked!

My non-Media Go created playlist:

#EXTINF:Gold Guns Girls

\MUSIC\Metric\Fantasies\Metric-Fantasies-05-Gold Guns Girls.mp3
#EXTINF:Poster of a Girl
\MUSIC\Metric\Live It Out\Metric - Live It Out - 05 - Poster of a Girl.mp3
\MUSIC\music 01\Placebo - Lazarus.mp3

I created the playlist using Notepad, then saved it as an .m3u8 file. Be sure to save the .m3u8 file in PSP>PLAYLIST>MUSIC *not* to be confused with the MUSIC folder at the root of the memory stick (or system storage of PSPgo) where you put your actual music files.If you don't have a PLAYLIST folder inside of your PSP folder, make one, and make a MUSIC folder inside the PLAYLIST folder.


*playlist text file must be saved as .m3u8 (I couldn't get it to work saved as simply .m3u)

*#EXTINF: must have at least the song title in it. (it doesn't have to be the exact title, whatever you put in there will be read as the title in the playlist)

*it has to be the EXACT file path. if you move a music file, it will stop showing up in the playlist.

Seems like a bit of a bother to to go through to make playlists, but there are some advantages to creating your own playlists this way-- the best one is that you can make a playlist of songs that are in different folders. Also, the playlist doesn't have to be in the folder it organizes, so you're not limited to only playing EXACTLY that playlist as was the case for previous firmwares. I find Media Go to be a cumbersome inadequate media management software. It doesn't recognize all my files even though they do play on my PSP. And the playlist feature on it seems to be limited to creating a SensMe® playlist-- which is a random song list generated by the software. I could be mistaken but I don't think we can decide every song that goes in a Media Go created playlist?

I tried to use Windows Media Player to make an .m3u playlist for me... I changed the file extension to .m3u8... but for some reason it didn't list the complete file path, leaving out some folder names only listing them as ..\.. I don't know why. So I'm thinking I might try a playlist creator program, see if I can automate some of the tedious file path name stuff.



stormtrooper190 said...

i tried to move a ps3 playlist to the psp once and it came up as an album instead of a playlist. kinda lame but im not bothered to use media go just to fix that and it looks quite pointlessly hard to do it thrue a PC.

Don said...

It is tedious to have to type out complete filepaths in a text program just to make a playlist. Still, if you have songs in different folders that you want to play together, it is an option. SensMe® also has one on-the-go playlist, and even if you don't make a SensMe® Playlist or transfer your music through Media Go, I think you can still use the on-the-go playlist in the SensMe® app on the PSP.

So yeah, the playlist options are limited. Maybe they'll get better.


Anonymous said...

Media Go is a pain, it's terribly bulky and I don't like way it's library works.

I've found VLC helpful, since it's my main media player on the computer and it supports playlists. I'm able to drag & drop songs from the music folder on my PSP into a VLC playlist, then save that as an m3u and edit it in notepad.

It's a bit of a pain to then open that as a text file and edit it (turning f:/music into /music in the file paths), but it's better than typing it out. Then I can just save it as an .m3u8 with notepad, and save the file on my PSP.

Don said...

Hey, I use VLC! It's actually my favourite video player 'cause I rarely have any trouble with it. I never realized it could be used to create music playlists.

Thanks for the tip.


Roger Wernersson said...

Thanks for the info! Mind you I recommend using Emacs to edit you play lists. I have seven playlists of between 250 and 1200 songs each. I open the file in Emacs, start recording a macro, edit the first song, and then just execute the macro 1200 times. I'm done in less than a minute for the first play list, the rest takes 15 seconds each.

Emacs is your friend.

Don said...

Thanks for that program suggestion, that's an interesting tip. I may look into that myself.

Always good to hear other options.


Dewata haha hehe said...

try using Winamp. the playlist format is the same,not only that,I tried to open it using notepad and I got the same one like the one i made manually using notepad