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Thursday, June 25, 2009

sonme more UMD PSP games on PSN

I like the headline for this GameSpot article: PSN update sees rush of PSP games

Their definition of "rush of PSP games" being... ummm... 4. From the article:

The newly added PSP games are Brothers in Arms: D-Day, Chessmaster: The Art of Learning, Driver '76, and TMNT. All four of the games have been previously released on the system's UMD format and carry a $19.99 downloadable price tag (with the exception of Brothers in Arms D-Day, which sells for $14.99). They range in size from 84MB (Chessmaster) to 1.05GB (Brothers in Arms).

What stood out for me is that I've been looking for Driver '76 for awhile. But I want it for $10.00 (or less!) so I've been hunting through the bins at Wal-Mart for... hell-- to be honest, I was even doing that tonight. I'm a big videogame bargain-sniffing nerd. May as well admit it.

Seeing as how it's twice the price I want to pay for that game-- and that's probably in U.S. funds too, so it's more in Canada (can you even buy it in Canada? Who knows)-- I'm certainly not going to buy it off the PSN.

Just that one of the games was randomly one of what I consider a fairly obscure game is pretty much why I even noted that GameSpot article and made this post... and maybe just an excuse to post a pic of Jessica Chobot too.

But like I said, if they are moving obscure stuff like that to the PSN, there may be hope for titles like Star Trek: Tactical Assault or Chili Con Carnage..... we'll see come October 1, 2009.



HerrJeff said...

Hi Don,

I noticed an used copy of Driver 76in local ads and sent you the reference by email, in case you're interested. I also noticed that the repackaged "stamina" battery are now in store for $39.99, still with black and silver wide covers.

Don said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. Yeah, I've seen the repackaged Stamina battery in stores too. I'm sure the only reason they took it off the market was so they could Pandora-proof it.


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