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Monday, June 8, 2009

white PSP Go

So Sony's got a web page up about the PSP Go...

There are some basic specs (not enough detail to satisfy me), but the funniest thing is in the accessories section: they have Low-end case/pouch, Mid-range case/pouch, and High-end case/pouch. "Yeah.... screw the high-end, I want a nice CRAPPY Low-end case/pouch!" WTF?? I guess I can sorta see what they're getting at, but really? But having more accessories is always better than having less, so I'm not really complaining...

Another detail is the PSP Go will launch in North America in both black and white models.

The white has a nice texture... I think it's called mother of pearl, like on Fender Strat guitars (which I also love).... obviously, I'm a big fan of white PSPs, and I like that sparkly texture on it even more. If this came out in previous PSP models, I'd have been on it like...err, white on rice (sorry.)

As both a black (PSP-1001) and a white (2x PSP-2001) PSP owner, I really love the white colour because I rarely have to clean it-- smudges & fingerprints don't show up on anything other than the screen. With my old black PSP-1001, I was cleaning that thing at least every week.

I do like the white on the PSP Go, but if I get a PSP Go, I think this time around I'd rather get the black. I dunno... for some reason I find myself preferring the black on the PSP Go.

I was looking for engadget's video of the white PSP Go, which is a nice video. But I found a better one that's in Spanish, but it shows actual gameplay so you get a better idea of how it might feel using the analogue nub, etc.

Looks like he's playing LittleBigPlanet?, Gran Turismo, and Jak & Daxter!

I've saved both of these vids using Keepvid, transcoded them using PSP Video 9 and they're on my PSP.


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