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Thursday, June 4, 2009

PSP Go acessories

Yup, I've been wondering since about, oh-- 5 SECONDS after the reveal of the PSP Go: What kind of accessories will be available for it?

Joystiq posted this nice pic which answers some of my questions, like the video out cables-- both component & AV (composite) cables for luddites like myself who don't have an HD TV. As I suspected, the proprietary USB port is used for those rather than the headphone port.

Sony is also releasing screen protectors? I guess that's nice-- if they're any good? At least they're giving an official option, when screen protectors are a KEY accessory. I'd advise any new PSP owner to make a good screen protector their FIRST accessory purchase (if they already own a memory stick, of course) Not only does Sony offer a normal screen protector, but a "Privacy" one too! Hehe. Hori is the only company I know of that makes privacy screen protectors. Maybe they're getting Hori to do their screen protectors, that'd be nice because Hori has a good reputation for those.

Also of note is the proprietary USB cable, but check out the AC adapter cable & rectangular dongle. I'm guessing that the USB cable needs to be plugged into that dongle to be able to charge through a power outlet. Which is annoying, because that means you gotta move the cable back & forth between using it for the AC adapter & your computer. I'm sure you could charge through your PC, but it will be slower. or you could buy another proprietary USB cable. Nasty "Smart", Sony. Learned another bad lesson from Apple.

The pouches look like the same pouch from the PSP-1000. If they are, you'd think they'd be a bit big for the PSP Go? I'm sure they'd work fine, but, just a bit big. Maybe these ones are resized for PSP go.

Oh... I just noticed a cradle there! Hmmm, that's kinda cool.


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