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Sunday, June 7, 2009

PocketGamer Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron E3 impressions

Well... I hope I'm not making seperate posts every time a site posts a hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron... UK site PocketGamer gave their impressions, not only was it more favourable than IGN's, but more importantly, they went into a bit more detail about the game.

Despite mistakenly believing that Renegade Squadron "introduced" Galactic Conquest mode (that's been around since the first Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox) game, just that it changes format in every iteration) they had some interesting things to note. I'm liking the sound of this ground/space combat, because apparently ground actions influence the space battles; like using an Ion Cannon to knock down enemy space cruisers' shields so you can fly up there & board them. I like how it's feeling very much like one battlefront.

One criticism than they share with IGN is the controls, both saying that the controls seem a bit loose. It sounds like they are using the "default" controls... I prefer the "alternate" control scheme where the face buttons are used for aiming. I hope that continues in this game.


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