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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PSP Go USB port?

Ok.... I think I've gleaned a LITTLE bit more about the PSP Go... like where the USB port is.

Check out this hands-on posted at Endgadget.

I assumed that this was the memory stick micro slot, that it was spring-loaded with no door.

But clearly, there is a memory stick micro, M2-- door along the side of the unit similar to previous PSP models.

So that slot along the bottom of the PSP Go *LOOKS* like it may be a proprietary USB/charging port. Anyone used to iPods or other mp3 players knows the "joy" dread of their USB connectivity: they have their own little USB ports that are *ONLY* compatible with their own little USB cables. One of the things I like about the PSP is that it uses a standard mini-USB cable port. That might change with the PSP Go......

On the possible upside, iPods use their proprietary ports for things like video out, so maybe the PSP Go will use its port in a similar way. If that even is a USB port..... And is that the only way to charge the battery, like with iPods & other mp3 players? I can't see an AC adapter port.

Still so many questions about this system.....

UPDATE: It looks like that slot is a proprietary USB port:

More pics of the PSP Go can be found at the Amazon listing.



Reverend_M said...

I was worried about the same thing . . . Do you think we can convince them to completely change that back to a mini-USB port?

Don said...

That would be ideal, but not likely. Most of the Sony mp3 players use a proprietary USB port/cable (and I've heard that the Sony mp3 cables are expensive)

Apple showed that people will accept proprietary. And honestly, it is very rare to find ANY mp3 player that accepts a regular or mini standard USB cable these days.

When I was researching which mp3 player to buy back in 2006, I was frankly surprised to find out the PSP used a regular USB cable... it was one of the things I put in its favour when comparing it to other players.

But by making it a proprietary port they can do more with it, as shown by using it for video out (and rumoured to somehow have video IN capabilities too?) So who knows if it might turn out to be a blessing. At this point, with what little I know right now, I don't see any advantage to the consumer.


Free PSP Go said...

Another way that Sony can get money from the consumer. Come on Sony, get your act together!

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