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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

E3 PSP Sony highlights

Just some notes I jotted down while watching GameSpot's E3 Sony press feed:

-Media Go new PC program replaces Media Manager

-PSP devkits 80% less

-SenseMe playlist coming to PSP & Go

-All PSP titles digital & UMD

-Playstation video store available on PSP... but no word on Canada. Probably not.

-UMD still supported

-PSP Go $250.00 US! Yikes!!

-Gran Turisimo PSP finally coming... Oct 1, 2009. Same release date for PSP Go?

First off, that PSP Go price.... Sheesh. I really didn't expect it to be THAT expensive. I thought at the most it'd be $200.00, maybe $225.00. Sure you get 16GB built in, and Bluetooth. But there doesn't seem to be a USB port, if you don't use Wi-fi to transfer content, do you have to transfer via a memory stick micro? Pulling that out of the PSP Go, putting it into a card reader & back again seems like a hassle.

Media Go will replace the current Media Manager software for PC-to-PS Store connectivity. I hope it will add features, and just be a smooth interface. Sony has a bad rep with software.....

SenseMe playlist support... I find this the most exciting PSP news, oddly enough. I suspect this is a carry-over from Sony's mp3 players, I'm pretty sure I've heard of it before. But just news of a dynamic playlist for PSP is a sorta big thing. I'm not entirely sure how it'll work.... I'm hoping it isn't that Media Go will just decide what songs to put onto your PSP, that this thing will allow playlist creation USING the PSP itself.

UPDATE: Ok, apparently, here's where you can download Media Go 1.1. And from the description, it sounds like you have to tag your music files with SensMe™ data, then I suppose once the PSP firmware has the SensMe™ feature added to it that's how it will generate a playlist.



HerrJeff said...

I also fear the "direct" video store would not be accessible to Canadians PSP owners. Let's see how much they will sell FF7 on PSN, and price comparison between the digital and UMD version of new games. Last fall in UK, it was cheaper to buy Locoroco 2 from retailers than the Playstation store.

Don said...

I suspect with Sony's 80% less dev kits-- that's meant to reach out to small game devs who do iPhone apps, and they will probably price those smaller games less.

But the bigger games will still probably be priced around the same as a UMD. And outside of the U.S., I expect it to be worse.


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