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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anticipated games out of E3 2009

Now that all the E3 announcements have been played out, there are some games that I'm really anticipating... hopefully for this year. Not all of them were showcased at E3 this year, but they are ones I'm really looking forward to & hopefully coming out soon.


-Super Mario Galaxy 2... but that's not coming until 2010, so New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

-Wii Sports Resort


-Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron



-Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Hmm, now that I put my major wants to paper keystroke, it doesn't seem like that large a list.... but these are games that are basically 100% must-buys for me, so I'm risking a lot by "calling them out" so soon. There are a lot of games I'm very intrigued by, but I'm not at the point where they are automatic purchases.



Herrjeff said...

I'm on the same page than you for both Wii games. For the PSP, I look forward to the release of the portable versions of Little BigPlanet and PixelJunkMonsters, which seem to be quite a hit on the PS3.

Don said...

PixelJunk isn't getting a UMD release, is it? I'm wary of download-only games after my experiences with the PS Store.

I am interested in Little BigPlanet too... but it's one that I'll have to see what the reviews & "buzz" are like before I'll commit.

I kinda have blinders on for titles that don't have a release date yet... once they're dated, then I start getting excited.


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