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Saturday, January 3, 2009

after the perfect game

Ever played a really really great game... one where you're enjoying just about every minute of it? And you almost don't want it to end; you don't want to finish it because it's been such a ride.

Eventually, you DO finish it, and maybe go back to it for some replayability. But at some point, you have to move on... on to the NEXT game.

But what is the next game? And can it live up to the experience of that last, near perfect game?

I'm pretty close to wrapping up Super Mario Galaxy. There's a lot of content to the game, a lot of extra levels... so there'll be ones to go back to. But for the most part, I think that most of the real fun to be had has been squeezed out of the game. It was such a pleasant surprise to find it such a great game.

But now I'm wondering, what should I play next? I have 2 Wii games from the Boxing Week sales that I haven't tried yet: Raving Rabbids T.V. Party and Counter Force. I figure I'll be popping in Counter Force & giving that a spin for awhile. I expect it to be not great, but hopefully a "so bad it's good" type of experience; just cheesy on-rails mech action fun.

One thing I've noticed about playing games one after another is that timing & order is key. A few times I've played an awesome game only to follow it up with a mediocre one... and I know I would've enjoyed the mediocre one more if I hadn't played an awesome one just before it. There've been times where I played an mediocre/ok game, had fun with it, then the next one is awesome, and was grateful I hadn't played it first since it's so much better than the previous game that I enjoyed-- not knowing that I had a better experience to compare it to.

The thing is, I can never really know what's going to turn out to be an awesome game and what's going to disappoint.

In this case, I think playing Counter Force will be such a change of pace that I will have fun with it.... but it's never easy at the end of "finishing the perfect game"..... what's next?


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