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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost all previous UMD games coming digital

I have to admit, this sounds very promising.... Sony has said that "a majority" of the PSP back catalogue of UMD games will be available for download from October 1, 2009. And all first-party Sony games will be offered as digital as well. They can't promise that all third-party games will be, but I think that's because Sony can't force another company to offer digital versions of their games. But I would expect that most if not all third-party PSP game makers would want to offer digital versions of their games.

All this of course ties into the PSPgo's October 1, 2009 release date. Maybe Sony has really planned this out far in advance after all.... ripping all the PSP UMD games (or do they just get copies that hackers put out on the net, haha...) and prepping them for PS Store distribution.

The next big questions are how will we be able to obtain a digital copy of a game we already own on UMD, to put on our PSPgo or even our older PSPs? I don't know how Sony's self-proclaimed "Goodwill program" will work, but let me put it to you this way.... you know the MY GAMES section on your PSN ID? If you don't know it, I'd suggest you find it-- and make sure it's updated. I have no idea if it will come into play at all, but better safe than sorry. I just updated mine, and my total came to 42 PSP games. Wow.

When I think of digital copy of a game I already own, it makes me think of how I look at a PSP copy of a DVD I already own. Let's say I, [THEORETICALLY] own a DVD. And I [THEORETICALLY] use freeware to create a copy, which I could [THEORETICALLY] transcode to make a .MP4 version that's playable on my PSP. I'm not mass producing copies of the movie. I'm not selling it, or giving it away. It's just for me, it's nice to have the original store-bought DVD, and a portable copy that's playable on my portable device. I personally consider that fair use, and I'd be ok if the digital PSP games were treated that way. Just a digital copy that I can use, tied to my account, and compliments my hard copy that I bought from a store.

This October 1 sure brings a lot of questions. It can't come soon enough.


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