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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wii remote jackets

I just filled out an order for 4 free Wii remote jackets.

I bought my Wii before the jackets were introduced. Nintendo has a history of overreacting being a bit over-sensitive to safety criticism.

First it was the little nylon string that ties the Wii remote strap to the remote was too thin. That one actually might be a bit true. It was before my [Wii-buying] time; mine came with decent string that they thickened in response to all those "Wii remote flying out of gamers hands" stories that were all over the net.

Then they replaced the Wii strap tightener to a locking Wii strap tightener. The Wii strap I got with my Wii had the non-locking kind, but the Wii strap I got with my 2nd Wii remote (from the Wii Play package) had the locking Wii strap. But Nintendo offers these replacements (up to 4) free, so who am I to turn down free stuff? I submitted my order & got 4 free Wii straps....

Nintendo, still not feeling "safe enough" then started including silicone Wii remote jackets that had padding around the front.... I guess after hearing all the "Wii remote bashing into furniture & stuff" stories.... which is actually true. I really try to be mindful of that, yet there've been times when I've bashed my Wii remote into stuff. It just happens. So I guess it's a good idea to have the extra padding, 'cause Wii remotes are expensive.

Except I never got around to getting in on that particular freebee. I never really thought I needed it THAT badly, plus I'd have to take it off to put the Wii remote into my Wii wheel (MaroKart Wii) and/or Wii Zapper. And I just plain forgot.

But tonight I just thought, what the hell, & tried out the free order thing. So hopefully I'll get some free Wii remote jackets. Is it just me, or do they kinda look like a cobra at the top?


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