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Monday, January 5, 2009

PSP watching: Miami Vice, United 93

I haven't been using my PSP all that much over the holidays... I did play a bit of Jeanne D'Arc, but RPGs are pretty slow paced.... I have to admit my Wii has been getting the most attention (even before I got Super Mario Galaxy)

But I have been watching some movies on my PSP, trying to clear a backlog of junk that I've collected & need to delete. I watched 2 movies, both camera copies.... which I'm going to avoid in future. That's just no way to watch a movie, the quality is such crap.

Miami Vice... was enh. Might be better had I watched a better quality version. But overall, it didn't live up to one of Michael Mann's best movies, Heat. Still, I was really taken by the final song in the film, Mogwai's Auto Rock.

Then I watched United 93. I've been putting off watching this one for awhile. The subject matter is so heavy. And it's emotionally draining to go back to the events of 9/11. It's such a sad story, but really, this is a story of pure heroism. These people are just going about their daily lives when they're confronted by such pure evil, in a way that they never really concieved. We all knew of plane hijackings, even terrorism, but nobody could have predicted this. And the passengers of this flight rise up to the challenge, knowing that they will probably die, not only to try to save themselves, but to prevent further death of others. It's too bad that this heroism seems to have been forgotten in the history of 9/11.


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