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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DTV delayed

IGN quietly posted an article about how the switch to DTV has been delayed.

Originally, Feb 2009 was the deadline given to U.S. tv stations to switch their signal over from analog to digital. This doesn't mean much for anyone using cable, but if you're still tuning in tv stations using an antenna; that's analog. As in, "gone by Feb 2009".

For most, tuning in tv station through an antenna (anyone remember "rabbit ears"?) is like washing clothes using a ribbed washboard & bar of soap. But it's gained a newfound relevence for me.

See, I have a portable tv, a Sony Watchman:

It looks similar to that, but mine looks better.

I got it when I was a kid, and loved it like crazy for awhile. Then I put it away and only a couple years ago came across it again. Sure to (old) Sony quality, it still works!

But of course the only way to get any tv channels is over the air, through the antenna. So when that gets shut off.....

Being in Canada, I'll only lose a few U.S. tv stations, like KVOS in Bellingham or some of the ones in Seattle. But it will still be sad.....

I've been planning to do a photo spread of my Sony Watchman & PSP to compare the 2 devices. It's pretty obvious which one has the most functionality, but it's also sad that quality-built devices like the Watchman shows Sony just doesn't make things like they used to.


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