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Saturday, April 10, 2010

0x8004810b error

As predicted, the Playstation Store has decided to stop working on me again.

This morning I decided to buy a PS1 game, Nuclear Strike. Paid $6.69 (including tax)-- which of course the PS Store took just fine-- but when I tried to download it through Media Go with my PSPgo connected to my PC, it gets about 2/3 the way downloaded and gives me this message:

A connection error has occurred.


Tried it again, same thing. Then I tried the PSPgo over wi-fi to download it directly. It gets about 2%, then the download time goes UP & up and finally connection times out.

The Playstation Store is like one of those vending machines that eats your quarters... only instead of quarters it eats your anywhere from $5.00 to $40.00+ or whatever.....

Here's the thing. Notice on my downloads list that the last time I downloaded any games from the PS Store was late December 2009. That was just before I got a wireless router.... so that may be the problem. But I can't understand why the Playstation Network Downloader is so picky about connections, seemingly dropping them at the SLIGHTEST hint of any slowdown.

I've tried setting my PSPgo time using the internet. Didn't help.

I've checked my firewall settings on my PC, and they haven't changed-- all the PSN Downloader & Media Go content should have full access. My wireless router doesn't have any settings to adjust, basically it just works-- I've had little-to-no problems with it since hooking it up, and my PC isn't connected wirelessly, it's hardwired to the router & the router to the modem. So there shouldn't be any problems with downloading through my PC since it isn't even wireless.

The next step may be to connect my modem back up to my PC directly, but I really don't want to do that. What a pain, just to download crap from the PS Store??? Also, I suspect that it won't help anyway. I have a sinking feeling that now that I've gotten connection errors, my connection is poisoned... I dunno. I always get the feeling that the PS Store holds a grudge.

The bottom line is it just shouldn't be like this. Every time I buy and download something from the PS Store, I'm walking on eggshells, *praying* that it'll work. It's not a good feeling to be going, "pleaseworkpleaseworkpleasepleasework" while a PSP game that I bought is downloading.

People keep saying that downloads/digitial distribution is the future of gaming. I keep wanting to punch them in the face. This is not how the future of game/content delivery should be like. My last post about this was over a year ago, and Sony has fixed ONE issue that I brought up (being able to pay an exact amount-- if it's over $5.00...) the other issues like lack of any HELP/SUPPORT service/feature... is *STILL* missing.

The Playstation Store is simply broken. I suppose it's good that it only ate my $6.69, and not a full game price.

It's content downloaded via a high-speed internet connection. Why can't they just make it WORK???



Anonymous said...

Have a similar problem. Got three complimentary games from PSN. These cannot be downloaded to through Media Go but to the PC then transfer to the USB connected PSP Go. I had no problems with games I pay for downloading or any problems with anyone elses downloads. After 58 hours of trying and trying again and again I got two of the games downloaded but the last one still will not finish. After waiting 4 hours for the last download it crapped out again. Of course Sony in their brilliance does not have the expertise to resume the download where it left off but forces you to start completely over again. I tell everyone I know DO NOT BUY THE PSM NO-GO for this issue and others with PSN.

Don said...

What fixed my issue was disconnecting from my router and connecting my ethernet to my PC directly. If you are using a router, you might try that option. Good luck.


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