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Thursday, April 22, 2010

ModNation Racers demo

So like many others I'm sure, I got the code for the ModNation Racers demo. I am not a fan of making demos "exclusive"... I've posted about the 3 previous times Sony said I'd get an "exclusive UMD demo" for a game and never came through. Hell, I don't even like how they're making the demos only through the PSN. I loved the good ol' days when PSP demos could be downloaded freely & loaded on our memory sticks ourselves, not having to be registered or any of that crap. That's kinda the POINT of a demo, to gain as wide an audience as possible for the game. How come Sony can't get that???

Anyway, the latest, this ModNation Racers demo requires a code to get it. I'm assuming that the demo will eventually become available to anyone with a PSN account later on...

My problem is that I *know* Sony will find a way to screw me over with this.

Reading the instructions, it basically says to download it directly using the PSP. But my problems with that have already been outlined.

So I'm guessing this is how it will work out:

me: "Damn... I'm so excited for this demo!!!"

I log in to the PS Store using my PSP, enter the code exactly, jump through all of Sony's stupid hoops... then the connection times out, I get A Connection Error Has Occurred(0x8004810b) message & I lose whatever had been downloaded and I can't retry it again 'cause it's a stupid one-use-only code. I cry. Sony shrugs.

Well UP YOURS Sony, like I'm going to get my hopes up for this freebie-that-isn't-a-freebie only for you to screw me.

Still..... I guess I may as well try it. Maybe it will end up in my download list and I could try again through Media Go or something. I dunno.



Herrjeff said...

Worse kind of marketing I think is demo code for pre-ordering the game, like they did for Locoroco2... It's nice to be able to play before official release, but how does this improve future sales?

Don said...

Exactly-- "Oh you just bought the game, here's a little demo so that you...buy... the game..." yeah, that makes lots of sense.

Demos should be the EASIEST thing to get, they should be thought of as street flyers or something. They could snag lots of buyers who might've passed up the game because they'd never heard of it or had no idea it would be fun.


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