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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monster Hunter and other games

So... I've been really into Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) the last little while. I really shouldn't-- it's frustrating, slow and the camera controls are broken..... but for some reason it is very compelling. It's so satisfying to take down a monster after tracking it & doing work to prepare for it.... there are a lot of good things going for the game.

In fact, I'm really getting psyched up for the release of Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) and I may just pick that up on day 1!

I tried out Pikmin (Wii) a bit last week... maybe it's my short attention span, but the learning curve is a bit steep. I'm determined to try to figure out RTS games like this, so I will put some more time into it when I can, to see if it's enjoyable.

I've also been playing a lot of Wii Sports Resort the last couple days. I never really played it much since I bought it, so this is the first time I've spent a lot of time with it. I'm sad to see that some of the new games, like Frisbee Golf, are *broken*. That's simply unacceptable for a Nintendo-first party franchise like Wii Sports. When we're talking about a simplistic experience meant to appeal to everybody, broken mini-games should NEVER make it to the finished game. Really Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for that.

When it comes to PSP I'm in a funny gamespace right now. I find myself turning down UMD deals, in the vain hope that the PS Store would have as good a deal (yeah right) or that they'd even have the game at all (good luck)... so I haven't been buying PSP games at all. It feels like I shouldn't even bother continuing to buy PSP games because even Sony has given up on the system, and shows nothing but naked, obvious contempt for PSP owners like me. Is it wrong to think that? I still use my PSPgo daily, but I've been hardly been using my PSP-2001 until I started up Monster Hunter Freedom. But when Sony keeps saying to me, "we really don't care about you PSP owner at all." over and over and over, it wears me down.

I know things will change once the new Ace Combat game comes out, I will snatch that up probably day 1.

Not sure if I mentioned I bought The Conduit last week? haven't tried it yet.

Oh yeah, I also got Red Steel 2 last week, during a 1 day sale at EB games-- $40.00 for game & Motion+. Haven't played it yet. I needed a 2nd Motion+, so it is sort of a good deal, though that goes against my previous post about Ubi games. I may be kicking myself later this year when Red Steel 2 inevitably drops in price.... but yeah I needed the Motion+ anyway....


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