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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blast Off & Crazy Taxi

Yesterday I downloaded 2 games off the PSN: Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars & the PSP mini Blast Off.

I'd heard about Sega offering sale prices for their PSN games when I was still in China and couldn't access the PS Store. Crazy Taxi was one of those PSP games that I was always interested in if I could find it at the right price, $10.00 or under.

What's so annoying about the PS Store is... ok, PSP update 6.20 came out a few weeks ago, when I was in China, right? Fine-- I knew I'd have to update before I could access the PS Store. I accepted that.

But when I tried to buy Crazy Taxi off the PS Store, Media Go told me I needed to update it to a later version (I was running 1.2). Hmmm. Ok..... it didn't take too long to update it.

But then..... after buying Crazy Taxi & trying to download it..... it told me I needed to update my Playstation Network Downloader. *After* I already updated Media Go. Grrrrr. Ok fine.

So I update my Playstation Network Downloader. then have to restart my computer of course.... *more time* AND THEN... I can finally download the game I bought, and it only took about AN HOUR AND A HALF to buy and recieve one lousy game off the Playstation Store.

At least I managed to get it... but things like this remind me that the PS Store is a ticking timebomb, sooner or later it will go off and decide to stop working on me, making me regret buying all this downloaded content that will go bad like spoiled milk. I understand that they need to make improvements to software & upgrade their services, and we need to update our accounts in accordance. But WHY do they make it so inconvenient to simply BUY STUFF from them?

Oh well... after getting Crazy Taxi, I remember hearing about Blast Off & bought that one too. I've been playing both games a bunch since last night, Blast Off is really fun. Crazy Taxi is great too, but it is a bit repetitive, because the routes are always the same.

And I'm not thrilled that I now have this comics app for my PSP, but because I'm Canadian, I can't access any comics........


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