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Thursday, April 8, 2010

SensMe™ 1.50

So SensMe™ as updated on March 31, 2010! Hey, nobody told me....

SensMe™ 1.50 has a few notable upgrades, as listed at the Sensme™ site:



SensMe™ channels version 1.50 has been released.

  • In addition to music tracks that are transferred using "Media Go", music tracks that are transferred to a PSP™ system using a PlayStation®3 system or a music management application other than "Media Go" are now also categorized into channels.

  • You can now add music tracks to a block list so that they do not play.

  • You can now activate or deactivate the [Dynamic Normalizer] feature.

I love that it now sorts tracks into channels WITHOUT having to use the cumbersome Media Go®. My collection is made up of a lot of random music; I like 1-2 songs from this band/performer, 1-2 songs from that band/performer, etc. When I had to use Media Go® to transfer that music to my PSPs, it would put them in their own album/artist folders, making a bunch of folders with 1-2 songs in them... annoying. So I just didn't bother with it & I had a lot of empty channels simply because I didn't use Media Go® for my music transfers.

I updated my PSPgo's SensMe™ through wi-fi, which is handy. Once I started up SensMe™ 1.50, it began sorting my tracks into channels in the background while playing the current music. I paused the song, I'm not sure if they sorting went faster that way or not though. I have about 188 songs on my PSPgo, and it took awhile to sort through those. I shudder to think how many songs I have on my other PSPs... it's a lot more that what I have on my PSPgo.....

But it's great to have all my SensMe™ channels filled with music now instead of mostly being empty!

The block list is another handy feature. One thing that bugged me about SensMe™ is that it would load all audio files-- including podcasts-- that it found in its "newly added" channel. But it doesn't read from memory stick, so that's where I put my podcasts to keep them out of SensMe™. Now you can choose to block any tracks from SensMe™ if you want. The only thing I've heard that once they're blocked, they may not be able to be unblocked? Not sure, I may have to experiment with that.

So far SensMe™ 1.50 seems to be a nice upgrade to the software.



Herrjeff said...


I see that Driver76 is on sale on PSN, if you're still interested

Don said...

Haha, yeah I remember talking about that awhile back thanks. And when I saw the price drops on PS Store this week I am somewhat tempted to go for it.

Though I'm thinking of getting another PSP mini, one of those zombie ones (the side-scrolling one maybe) and a PS1 game, Nuclear Strike.

BTW, it's "dOn" not "dan" just so you know ;)


Herrjeff said...

Oups, sorry

Don said...

No problem ;)


Bruce Banner said...

Hi Don,

Re:senseme 1.50. I have it dled on the pspgo, I have my music on the pspgo already, the only channel i'm getting is the Shuffle, no other channel is updating. When you say yours did it, did it update the channels on the actual pspgo unit? If so how was yer music organised? Just one folder with yer 188 songs inside it? Did u transfer it via ps3?

Also I tried yer playlist workaround for Music without MediaGo but still wasn't successful :(

Don said...

After I downloaded & installed SensMe 1.50, when I booted it up, it did start sorting the music on my PSPgo's system storage automatically. It did take some time to go through all the music that I had on there. Are you letting it run for awhile?

My music is sorted by MUSIC>[ALBUM NAME] FOLDER. Sometimes I have ARTIST FOLDER> ALBUM FOLDER, but most of it goes 2 folders deep. As far as I can remember, SensMe found it all, as long as it's on the System Storage.

I don't own a PS3, I use a PC to transfer my files to my PSPgo. So it may be the PS3 transfer process, I'd suggest trying to transfer music via PC & see if SensMe sorts it. I just drag & drop, I try not to use any software to transfer my music to my PSPs.

As for the playlist problem, I'd have to see what your playlist looked like to have any idea. Are you sure you created the playlist EXACTLY as I described? (only substituting your own folder structure that's on your PSP of course)


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