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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing PSP games on TV

The last few days have sorta been a "re-awakening" for my PSP.... it's not like I haven't used it for a long time and just recently started using it-- I've been using my PSP daily for the last several weeks-- but I suppose it's mostly to catch up on taped TV shows, or music... not a lot of gameplay since Resistance: Retribution.

But now that I can play PSP games on my TV through the Television de Portable P2, it's been a great novelty that's a bit of a fresh take on my classic PSP game faves. One of my favourite games is Twisted Metal: Head On, and I think it looks great on a TV screen. I want to go through all my top PSP games.... my PSP is not only my favourite handheld, it's now my fave home console too.... if I could only have 1 console of any kind, it'd be my PSP hands down, since I can play it on my (non-HD) TV and take it with me as well as use its multimedia functions.

One odd thing I've noticed is that I now set my PSP video output to Progressive. But even when I'm using the composite AV cables, it displays just fine with my PSP set to Progressive. I wonder, why do they even have an Interlace setting?

Still, I'm happy I have my other consoles too. Actually, I've been playing a lot of Boom Blox (Wii) lately. Great puzzle game.

I guess we're heading into the "off season" for new game releases? Sure seems like a slow period for games of every console-- or at least Wii, DS & PSP. This is where my "squirreling away"; my stockpiling of games should come in handy.... I have a bunch of games I've bought and haven't even touched.... should tide me over the next few months? Plsu there are games I want that I haven't bought yet, just waiting for good price drops on-- hoping Deadly Creatures (Wii) will drop in price soon.....



Herrjeff said...

Just sold my copy of Boom Blox to get the new Boom Blox Bash Party instead. Looks amazing, and additional downloadable free content seems quite an improvement over "friendly" exchanges. Hopefully my store will receive it tomorrow.

Don said...

I just read IGN's review of Boom Blox Bash Party last night... they really liked it, gave it 8.5. It does look like an improvement over the orignal. I'm still only 50% through it though... lots of game left for me to play!


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