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Sunday, May 31, 2009

PSP Go! a go

Finally confirmed...... the first details and pics of PSP Go! have been leaked out from Sony.

It's hard to tell what specs it has exactly, as far as I know right now:

  • 16GB built-in memory.

  • memory stick micro compatible.

  • Bluetooth pairing with cellphone.

  • smaller & 42% lighter(?) than PSP-3000.

  • PSP-3000 will still be sold alongside PSP Go!

As I suspected, it doesn't sound like it has a camera, touchscreen, definitely no 2nd analogue nub, and all the rest of the stuff that all the wishful thinkers keep throwing into the rumours about it. It's just a PSP for downloadable content only. Which makes it..... ummm, any PSP that has PS Store access......... but maybe the full specs haven't been announced yet.

EDIT: people have noticed that we can't see a USB port, there's "wireless" written on the side, but does that mean "Wi-Fi" or "Bluetooth"? And I'm wondering where the volume buttons are-- which might lend some credence that it may have a touchscreen.

Is it too late for me to run out & buy that black PSP-3000 Ratchet & Clank bundle from Rogers for $130.00???? Probably....

I hate to be a jerk about it. I certainly was initially skeptical of the PSP-2000 when it was first announced too. I was re-reading my first G.A.P. post about it 2 years back, I was a wet blanket big time. So maybe this new PSP will turn out to be a good thing.

Like I said, this is basically 2009's version of the PSP. I guess we'll see another "hardware refresh" in 2010.....

It seems a bit odd to have the analogue nub inside with the D-pad on the "outside", you know? I would think it'd feel better to have the analogue nub on the outer edge with the D-pad more inner.

While it's nice to have built-in memory, I sure don't like that our current memory stick pro duos won't fit in this new system.

Also looks like the headphone jack is now just a regular headphone jack. Not compatible with the current video out cables or remote for PSP-2000/3000.

Joystiq PSP Go! gallery.

Qore video feature on PSP Go!:



HerrJeff said...

Ouch, $249US according to E3 Conference reports

Don said...

It's a brutal pricepoint. Still, I though that the DSi was a bit high, so I guess they're looking at charging that much more than the DSi, going back to the price structure of the original PSP & DS lite.

Hell, I dunno what Sony's thinking.


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