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Thursday, May 7, 2009

PSP in Smallville

I was watching some of tonight's Smallville... I tape it (and Supernatural) on my Neuros Recorder II+ & transfer it to watch on my PSP.... I just happened to catch a bit of it while recording, and I was somewhat shocked to find a cameo by... a PSP!

Apparently Clark used it to track down another super-powered girl.... he finds her, they have an argument, and he whips out a PSP to show that he was using it as a GPS to track an implant in her head. And the irony of Clark using a PSP as a GPS is not lost on me.... come on already Sony.....

I brightened up a couple of shots, screencaps of the MP4 video. They might've done a few things to hide that it's a PSP, but you can see the PSP ring on the back in one of the shots.

Oddly enough, earlier in the ep I'm pretty sure they were using an iPhone/iPod Touch disguised with a silicone cover as another "high-tech device" of some sort... I think it was to make those head implants explode or something. I know that the PSP shows up in lots of movies/TV shows, but I'm just a geek about seeing gadgets onscreen.


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