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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BudgetGadgets PSP controller grip review

BudgetGadgets.com sent me a couple PSP accessories to review. They're a wholesaler in China, as far as I can tell, similiar to Deal Extreme or sites like that. Free shipping.

I got the package 2 weeks after they notified me that they sent it. 2 weeks to Canada... about average delivery time. Neither great nor bad.

Inside the small box was the two items: controller grip for PSP-2000, and Stamina battery for PSP-1000. I know there's a *lot* of interest in PSP batteries right now, and I'm in the process of testing the Stamina battery they sent me. I'll post a review on it soon.

Both items came without any packaging, just packing foam. Odd.......

I've always been curious about PSP controller grips. For people who have big hands, the PSP could be hard to play. I don't have big hands, but I do like console controllers, so the idea that the PSP could feel something like a console controller is appealing to me.

This controller grip is listed as being for PSP-2000, but it will probably fit the PSP-3000 if it's the same size. Can't confirm that though.

So it grips the PSP by snapping onto the top of the sliver band that goes around the PSP:

I noticed that one of the "huggers" had some plastic flashing sticking out. I cut that off with a box cutter-- I certainly don't want my *baby* getting any scratches on it.

The grips of the controller are slightly scalloped to provide extra grip. And as you can see, it slides apart. A nice feature that makes it a little more portable. But it does NOT lock when slid in or out.

There's a space that looks like it's for the extended battery. I don't have the official extended battery covers, mine are 3rd party, and I don't believe they'd fit. The space isn't very deep, it almost looks like it's for the battery without the cover.

With the PSP attached, it looks very DualShock-ish, but it is wider than an average console controller.

The "huggers" hold on to the PSP really well-- I was surprised how securely they do-- but because it's so tight, it's really hard to get the PSP fitted on so that all 4 prongs are snapped over the silver band:

One of the features of this controller grip is that it allows UMD access while the PSP is attached. When the PSP is fully snapped on, yes it's true, but the door can't open up all the way. It does open enough to change UMDs though.

Like I said, the PSP is pretty secure when attached properly:

I should also note that once the PSP is attached, there is full access to the wi-fi/power switches, memory stick door, UMD drive, USB port, and headphones/remote port.

So how is it to play? As I said, it is wider than a regular console controller, since they don't have screens on them. I spent some time playing Resistance: Retribution because some have complained that the game forces you to contort the PSP trying to play it (I've never personally had that problem) and there seems to be a feeling that it would be better played on a DualShock. Personally, I found it to be neither better nor worse. I had a bit of a harder time with sniping, like using the FarEye, because the grips put some distance between the analog nub and up on the D-pad.

Then I played Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, which because of the faster pacing, I find it does cause my hands to contort while playing. (I use the same controls as Resistance: Retribution; the face buttons to look) Maybe it's because I play the console versions of Star Wars Battlefront, but I found the controller to be really fun to play with this game! I find the D-pad presses like left/right to be much more accurate, maybe because my hand isn't cramped over the PSP possibly causing mis-button presses.

It's basically just a plastic shell, so it's really light. Definitely doesn't add any weight to the PSP. And the way you hold it during play, it takes a lot of hand pressure offof the PSP.

One thing I am concerned about is that because it grips the silver band SO tightly, I'm a bit worried it might've distorted it slightly?

These are my two PSP Slims, the one in the back is the one I used for the controller grip. It seems like there's a very slight bend in the silver band... it might've always been there, but I play my PSP every day so I tend to notice small details about it.... when I compare the area between my 2 PSP Slims, the other PSP doesn't have any sort of gap like that. Could be my imagination.


+grips the PSP really well.

+handles give the PSP more of a console controller feel.

+good for players with large hands who feel the PSP is too small to play comfortably.


-really hard to click the PSP into place because the grips are so tight.

-may pull on the silver band & damage the PSP?

I'd reccomend this controller grip for anyone who feels the PSP-2000 is a bit small, or anyone who wants more grip to their playing. But I'd caution about the little things like plastic flashing sticking out, and the general build quality of the grip.

If interested, the contoller grip can be ordered here:


Also you can use coupon code: DM5OFF14 to get a 5% discount site-wide.

NOTE: BudgetGadgets.com sent these 2 items speficially for review. But anything posted in my review are 100% my opinions, and do not necessarily reflect those of BudgetGadets.com or anyone other than me. I do not work for, nor am I affiliated in any way with them.


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