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Monday, March 26, 2012

PS Vita maps completely useless

Wow... I was just trying to use the Maps app on the PS Vita, and it's amazing how COMPLETELY TERRIBLE it is.

It's a basic GPS using Google Maps, but the search function is where it completely falls down.

Starting out, it can't get my current location right. It's off by about 1/4 kilometre... And not even on the same street either.

But much worse, I tried to use the "Search for Directions" search box, and no matter what I entered, it will give me There are no matching results. (C2-13481-7)

So I used the "Search for location" box and typed in "Walmart". It showed me a map where a Walmart is-- a Walmart in New Jersey. I'm on the other side of the continent and that's supposed to be the closest Walmart?

The only way to delete a search is to add another one. So you always have your last 6 searches in your livemap area. Live Area itself is quite useless in general, except for games.

Another terrible thing is the PS Vita user manual... Which is basically just a website if you try to access the manual on the Vita, it simply accesses the website... It's a slow and clunky process completely dependent on internet connection. How freaking lazy is Sony to not provide a PS Vita paper manual?! I know part of the reason they went with the web link option is so they can constantly update it to keep up with the PS Vita.But I don't think the online manual has been updated since the Vita came out more than one month ago... So much for that idea.

Yes, the PS Vita apps and user interface in general seems unfinished and a work in progress. But it's annoying to have most of the apps that are built into the console, that can't be deleted or removed, be so unusable in real life.

On the first homepage alone, 60% of the apps are useless, with Maps being the worst. I only include Welcome Park as being useful because it is fairly stylish in presentation, but the games are only meant to be an intro to the Vita user interface and don't necessarily have a lot of replay value. So even Welcome Park being in the "useful" list is a stretch.


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