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Monday, March 5, 2012

MotorStorm RC Vita for free?

IGN is reporting that MotorStorm RC Vita will be free to download from the PS store tomorrow! (March 6 2012)

Not sure if this will apply to Canada, or even WHY this is happening, apparently it's some kind of deal with Scion? (EDIT: The Scion car brand by Toyota) I dunno.... All I know is that free is always good!

I'm curious about this game & was hoping for a demo to try out. If it's the full game free, even better!

I'm really hoping that it'll be better--MUCH better-- than the broken Micro Machines V4 PSP game that Code Masters put out in 2007.

UPDATE: After reading the PlayStation Blog post, I suspect that this free deal may be U.S. only. That would suck, but only way to be sure is to wait until the PS Store is updated tomorrow(ish)

UPDATE 2: scrolling down the blog post to comment #39, a Sony rep seems to confirm that it WILL be available to Canada!


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