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Sunday, March 11, 2012

3DS screen still scratches

Awhile back I posted about how the top screen of the 3DS gets a line scratch when closed, and I posted a "fix", basically making the rubber bumpers stick up higher.

I have to update this story and say that the top screen on my 3DS *STILL* gets the line scratch if it's in my backpack or a case, any time it's put into close quarters. So the fix DOES NOT completely work. Luckily for me the line hasn't become permanently etched into my 3DS screen. Now when I put my 3DS into my case I always put the foam screen cover that came with the 3DS over the screen. That is enough to stop the 2 screens from touching. But I can see the line forming in the foam! Better that than my 3DS screen but seriously, whenever Nintendo does the inevitable 3DS redesign/hardware refresh, they'd better take care of this simple design flaw.



Joe4theRecord said...

I never really gave that much thought. I don't think it's a "scratch" and I doubt it'll become permanent. I just wipe it away with my thumb when I notice it. You're right that it should be fixed in the redesign, though. I'm hoping they'll add another analog stick while they're making changes.

Don said...

A lot of people have reported the scratch becoming permanent-- probably depends on how much their 3DS is pressed together in a bag, pocket, tight case, etc.


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