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Sunday, April 1, 2012

PS Vita PSP settings

I'm a dope... when I first got my PS Vita, I complained about lack of 2nd analogue stick support on my compatible PSP games (namely, Logan's Shadow). I've since corrected that post with the updated information. I was digging around the online Vita menu and found out how to adjust the control settings for PSP games.

While a PSP game is playing (even during the intro or cutscene) hold the touchscreen for a few seconds and the menu screen pops up:

Bilinear Filtering - makes some PSP games look smoother but possibly less sharp as well.

Right stick - can be adjusted to face buttons (as shown) D-pad, left analogue stick (Yay for lefties!)

Camera - I think that's for any compatible PSP games that can use the camera... are there any? Invizimals, maybe?

Color Space - I think if this is set to PSP System, then it displays the palette that was limited to the PSP. It looks a little bit better when it is off.

One problem with this screen is that it the settings are universal for every PSP game. I've set my right analogue stick to mimic face buttons, but it does so on *ALL* PSP games I play on the Vita. Say I had Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or some other game that uses the D-pad for camera control-- I'd have to manually go into the menu and change that setting. It won't remember different settings for different games.

I actually only found this because I started playing Driver '76 on my PS Vita. At first it looked-- well, it looked like ass-- everything was jaggy and pixelated, much worse than Logan's Shadow which looked pretty good. I originally played Driver '76 on my PSPgo which has a smaller screen so it does look better, but I thought it was a bit worse on Vita than it should've been. After turning on Bilinear Filtering, it looks a LOT better.

Things like this make me wish that Sony hadn't cheaped out on not providing a paper PS Vita instruction manual. If they had, I would have discovered this a lot earlier, and I probably would know more tips & tricks about the system than I do now.

When I first played Logan's Shadow on my Vita I kept instinctively trying to use the right analogue stick. Now that I actually can use it, I'm initially finding the same problems I'm having with every shooter on the Vita... the 2nd analogue stick doesn't feel..... quite right. Aiming is a bit too twitchy rather than smooth like it is using my Xbox controller S. I know that Logan's Shadow wasn't originally designed to use a 2nd analogue stick, but the Vita-exclusive game Unit 13 *is*, and it suffers the same problem. If we see quick and lazy Vita ports of console shooters that don't make any adjustments for the Vita controls, it could be really bad.

That's not to say that I don't still play shooters on Vita. Unit 13 is my most-played game despite all the bugs including the one that forces the Vita to hard reset. Maybe I will get used to Logan's Shadow using the right analogue stick. And I'm going to buy the PSP Mini N.O.V.A. because I read that it also can use the right stick for aiming. Just waiting until this Tuesday on the random chance it may go on sale. I'd hate to buy it now and find it drop in price 2 days later... not that I think it's going to happen... better safe than sorry.


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