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Monday, June 20, 2011

3DS top screen gets scratched when closed

[Above pic found on the web]

I've noticed that my 3DS gets a little line mark on the top screen, and it's obvious that it comes from the raised edge of the bottom screen, it lines up perfectly with it.

Clearly Nintendo didn't give enough space between the 2 panels, and when the 3DS is closed, if there's any slight pressure on the 3DS (like if it's in a form-fitting case) the panels press together leaving that mark.

So far I've been able to wipe it away mostly, and it is very faint. I don't think I can even notice it when the screen is lit. But this is one of those unnecessary annoyances that's a major design flaw yet Nintendo refuses to acknowledge it. This the 3DS version of the PSP dead pixel problem, PSP-2000/3000 UMD drive problem or the DS Lite hinge problem.

[3DS forum thread on the problem]


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