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Saturday, March 20, 2010

watching streaming video on netbook

Man.... some video streams are really bad to play on my netbook (Toshiba NB205) .... basically all the Joystiq family of vids; Engadget, etc. playback choppy as hell & max out my CPU. I'm not sure if it's Viddler or Tubemogel (whatever the hell those are) I just see their URLs show up when I'm watching vids on Joystiq.

Youtube plays fairly well. Vids on IGN & Gamespot can be choppy & CPU intensive but I resize my Firefox window to just fit the video & not show the banner ads and that seems to help.

But Engadget/Joystiq.... always choppy & bloated. It's just annoying.

UPDATE: I installed Flash 11.5 or something, and vids from Joystiq sites seem to play better now, though they still push the CPU near max levels.... I guess I gotta remember that netbooks aren't as powerful as full-size PCs or laptops...


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