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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3DS - new DS to be revealed at E3?

Wow-- the inturwebz are totally buzzing about a new DS coming... tentatively called the "3DS".... it's basically supposed to be a DS with 3D technology. And according to the reports, you're not going to need special glasses to view the 3D. Neat!

[Joystiq link]

That's one of the things that really bugged me about CES last January; all the supposedly-cutting-edge 3D TV technology required the viewer to wear glasses to see the 3D images. When I was in China, I was in an airport-- I think it was Shanghai-- and they had 3D TV screens above the Customs check through, that you could see the 3D *without* using special glasses. I couldn't spend much time watching it, so maybe it would hurt your eyes to watch it for too long... but it seems like it can be done.

Though that would be my concern about a "3D DS"-- would it be comfortable to play it for long periods or would it give you headaches? 3D in general seems far too gimmicky to be a viable step forward in technology.

We'll find out more about the 3DS at E3... 3 months away.... hmmm.


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