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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Torchlight on netbook... not so good

Meh... I just downloaded & installed Steam and the free demo for Torchlight on my netbook... I'd heard it runs on netbooks, and I'm not expecting it to be smooth as silk or anything, but it's pretty choppy & CPU intensive.... I don't think I can really enjoy playing a game this way.

I've strongly avoided PC gaming ever since I got my first PC in 1999.... I remember trying to install a few demos, like Aliens Vs. Predator & they really did not work very well... I think I had to take my PC back a couple times to the guy who built it.... so since then I have sworn off PC gaming & only do console gaming-- my credo has been "gaming for dedicated devices"...

But I'm so in love with my NB205 netbook right now... most of the posts on Handheld Addict the last few months have been done on this thing, including finding & resizing (with Photoshop 7) any images. I know that the Atom N280 processor is pretty puny in power, and that "integrated graphics" is another term for "sucks real bad" (if you haven't experienced it trust me) but doggone it, I'd love to do some gaming on this little beauty. So I've been looking for something that'll run decently, but no luck yet.

I took a bite on Torchlight because Steam is having a sale this weekend, the full game is only $5.00 US! It's regular $20.00... great deal! But I'm glad I only downloaded the free demo because I think I may just uninstall it & Steam because I don't think my NB205 can really handle it.... oh well...... I think I may play a bit more & see how I feel about it tomorrow...

A little bummed out...



JF said...

See this list

Don said...

Thanks for the list... I've been perusing similar ones for the last week or so also... my issue with a lot of the games on that list is that they're available for consoles so I'd probably rather play them there, on dedicated systems.

But at least the Steam uninstall went nice & easy. But it should be noted that if you uninstall Steam it automatically uninstalls any games related to it (which is what I wanted anyway)


Herrjeff / JF said...

NWN may provide you many hours of fun, as long as you're interested in RPG games.

Don said...

I'm not really experienced with RPG games... those and RTS I'm not too good at. I've played a bit of Jeanne D'Arc, and I have Field Commander, but lord knows how to do stuff. They have a steeper learning curve & I need to just sit down for a week or 2 to figure out how to play them.

I'm pretty resigned to not doing PC gaming at this point. I can't see myself shelling out for a gaming rig, and I have a bunch of consoles with games I've yet to play on them anyway.


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