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Thursday, September 24, 2009

PSPgo headphone remote?

I've groused about the lack of a headphone remote for the PSPgo... it's just very convenient to have basic music controls at your fingertips while the PSP remains tucked away in a pocket (or wherever) Despite the larger size of the PSP, sometimes the headphone remote convenience of having it clipped to my pocket makes it superior to a smaller mp3 player that I have to take the entire thing out of my pocket just to change the volume or pause it.

There's a gallery posted of some new PSPgo accessories, and the one taking the most flak is the "PSPgo accessories converter" because it looks goofy.

It looks like it's basically a standard mini-USB port for any PSP accessory that uses that, like the PSP camera or GPS.

That's great, it's awkward looking, suX0rs, etc. blah blah blah.... the rest of the internet can go on about it.

What got MISSED in that news is this thing:

It looks like a PSPgo remote, but with no cable leading back to the PSPgo, it makes me think it's Bluetooth???? If so, that's pretty cool. While the thought of having headphone wires leading to a Bluetooth dongle kinda defeats the idea of Bluetooth, it's still a good idea. You can use whatever headphone/earbuds you want, which you can't if you're buying specific Bluetooth headphones. Hopefully the remote has a clip so it's more like an iPod Shuffle or Sansa Clip, but with the PSPgo safely tucked away.

At this point I don't know if it is Bluetooth for sure, but it would be awesome if it is.


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