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Thursday, August 6, 2009

PSP Go accessories - headphones

This article from Gaming Bits talks about some of the PSPgo accessories that are coming.

Hmmm... I assumed that there would be *NO* headphones/remote available for the PSPgo. It felt like Sony was leaving that handy feature behind... after all, they did screw it up a bit with the PSP Slim: there's an annoying buzz that can be heard when using the headphones/remote for the PSP-2000. It's a faint pulsing bzzzt.... bzzzt... bzzzt... bzzzt... (my complaint can be found here) I even took my first headphones/remote back to Walmart & exchanged it with another pair.... then I BOUGHT ANOTHER PSP-2000 from Walmart just to be sure it wasn't the PSP, which I also took back. I'm pretty sure there's a problem with the design of the remote/headphones for the PSP-2000, someone at Sony missed something that probably has never been fixed.

So that's disappointing. But Sony has had an otherwise great history with its remotes, going back to their portable CD players. My metal body Sony portable CD player I got in the early 1990's came with a headphones/remote. It's a very nice feature.

I'm a little stoked that they'll have one for the PSPgo, even though I'm becoming less decided on getting a PSPgo as the release date gets closer.

The headphones look nice, they're the in-ear ones which I've really become a fan of. I was fine with the stock earbuds that came with the headphones/remote, but since getting my first pair of in-ear-- Creative EP-630-- those are really nice buds, I got them on sale for like $10.00 or $20.00... something like that. Totally worth it. I also use JVC Marshmallow ones that you squeeze the hard foam-like buds and they expand in your ear like an earplug. Those are awesome for insulating from outside noise.

WAITASEC.... now that I've read that Gaming Bits article, it looks like those aren't a remote at all-- rather, they're a headset for Skype! Grrrrrrr....... okay I'm back to being pissed off then. Still, it looks like a nice headset, and a good price, plus the Amazon listing says it's compatible with all previous PSP models! Not sure how that works, but that's a good thing.

But looks like the remote may be left behind after all though.....


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